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Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database

The Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database provides references to reports, articles, books, and other resources for information on hydrogen safety as it relates to production, storage, distribution, and use. The database includes references related to the following topics:

  • Hydrogen properties and behavior
  • Safe operating and handling procedures
  • Leaks, dispersion, and flammable vapor cloud formation
  • Embrittlement and other effects on material properties
  • Fuel cells and other energy conversion technologies
  • Sensors, tracers, and leak detection technologies
  • Accidents and incidents involving hydrogen

In addition to bibliographic references, the database provides select full text documents or links to other websites that offer these documents. To obtain full text documents that aren't included in the database, contact your local library.

Looking for a safety-related bibliographic reference that isn't currently available in this database? We welcome your suggested additions.