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The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program website offers a portal to information about the Department of Energy's research and development in hydrogen production, delivery, storage, and fuel cells, as well as activities in technology validation, systems analysis and integration, safety codes and standards, and education.

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President Obama Announces LPO Support for Distributed Energy Projects, New Guidance Includes Fuel Cells

In August, President Obama announced that the Loan Programs Office has issued guidance for potential applicants on the kinds of distributed energy projects it can support, sending a clear signal that the Energy Department can support distributed energy projects, including fuel cells.
September 18, 2015   More >

H2 Refuel H-Prize Guideline Update

The guidelines, posted in the Federal Register and on the H-Prize website, have been updated with clarifications, corrections, and additional information.
September 3, 2015   More >

Leveraging National Lab Capabilities in Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Systems—Phoenix, Arizona

On October 12 and 13, the DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office will host several events at the Electrochemical Energy Summit 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, to foster increased collaboration between National Labs and industry.
August 26, 2015   More >

Annual Merit Review Meeting American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Increase Your H2IQ Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials
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Cover of 2014 Annual Progress Report.

2014 Annual Progress Report

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2014 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Report

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