U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program
Permitting Hydrogen Facilities
Hydrogen Fueling Stations Telecommunication Fuel Cell Use Hazard and Risk Analysis U.S. Department of Energy

The objective of this U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen Permitting Web site is to help local permitting officials deal with proposed hydrogen fueling stations, fuel cell installations for telecommunications backup power, and other hydrogen projects.

Resources for local permitting officials who are looking to address project proposals include current citations for hydrogen fueling stations and a listing of setback requirements on the Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicle Data Center Web site. In addition, this overview of telecommunications fuel cell use and an animation that demonstrates telecommunications site layout using hydrogen fuel cells for backup power should provide helpful information for local permitting officials to address project proposals. You can also view current Stationary and Portable Fuel Cell Systems Codes and Standards Citations.

If you have any suggestions for making this site more useful, please let us know.