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Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Public-use hydrogen fueling stations are very much like gasoline ones. In fact, sometimes, hydrogen and gasoline cars can be fueled at the same station. These stations offer self-service pumps, convenience stores, and other services in high-traffic locations.

Photo of a Shell fueling station showing the site convenience store and hydrogen and gasoline fuel pumps.

This fueling station in Washington, D.C., provides drivers with both hydrogen and gasoline fuels

Many future hydrogen fueling stations will be expansions of existing fueling stations. These facilities will offer hydrogen pumps in addition to gasoline or natural gas pumps. Other hydrogen fueling stations will be "standalone" operations. These stations will be designed and constructed to offer only hydrogen fueling.

Like other fueling stations, hydrogen stations must be designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with the properties of the fuel they offer. Because of the unique properties of hydrogen, some special equipment, site, and safety considerations are necessary.

As permitting officials and developers become familiar with the basic properties, uses, and safety considerations of hydrogen, they will better understand the construction and operation of hydrogen fueling stations and related codes and standards. Learn more about hydrogen basics.

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