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Hazard and Risk Analysis

This Hazard and Risk Analysis Web site is designed to help permitting officials, fire officials, and others understand the hazard and risk analysis process for permitting hydrogen fueling stations. By understanding the process involved in identifying hazards, assessing the associated risk, and identifying mitigation and prevention measures, permitting officials and others will be better equipped to review developer plans and ensure that proper safety measures are in place.

While only a few hydrogen fueling stations are open today, more are expected as the hydrogen infrastructure grows. And like developers of conventional gas stations, hydrogen-fueling-station developers must analyze and mitigate potential hazards to safeguard public safety. In turn, permitting officials and others are responsible for making sure appropriate measures are taken. As a part of this process, they may review a hazard or risk analysis submitted as a part of a permit application package.

Failure modes and effects analysis, or FMEA, is a popular tool for identifying hazards and controlling the associated risks. This Web site contains information about FMEAs, the process, and how FMEAs apply to the permitting process for hydrogen fueling stations. It also includes an FMEA demonstration tool for hydrogen fueling stations.