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2004 Annual Progress Report

VIII. Cross-Cutting

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Renewable Energy Applications (New Project), Chuck Ryan, Natl Center for Manf.Sciences (PDF 224 KB)
  2. Clean Energy Research, Ralph White, U. of South Carolina (PDF 212 KB)
  3. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research, Lee Stefanakos, U. of South Florida (PDF 228 KB)
  4. Adapting Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for use with Solid Fuel Sources in the Production of Distributed Power, David J. Bayless, Ohio University (PDF 228 KB)
  5. Developing Improved Materials to support the Hydrogen Economy, Michael Martin, Edison Materials Tech Center (PDF 200 KB)
  6. New York State Hi-Way Initiative, Richard Bourgeois, GE Global Research (PDF 223 KB)
  7. Vermont Renewable Hydrogen Production and Transportation Fueling System (New Project), Chris McKay, Northern Power Systems (PDF 219 KB)
  8. Fuel Cell Development for Distributed Generation and Carbon Sequestration in Northwest Indiana (New Project), Pete Disser, NiSource Energy Technologies (PDF 195 KB)
  9. Hydrogen Regional Infrastructure Program in Pennsylvania (New Project), Paul Wang, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (PDF 204 KB)
  10. Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Hydrogen Program New Projects Awarded in FY 2004 (PDF 311 KB)

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