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2004 Annual Progress Report

III. Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Storage Sub-Program Review, JoAnn Milliken, DOE (PDF 227 KB)

A. Compressed/Liquid H2 Tanks

  1. Low-Cost, High-Efficiency, High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage, Jui Ko, Quantum (PDF 373 KB)
  2. Optimum Utilization of Available Space in a Vehicle through Conformable Hydrogen Tanks, Salvador Aceves, LLNL (PDF 614 KB)
  3. Next Generation Physical Hydrogen Storage, Andrew Weisberg, LLNL (PDF 1 MB)

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B. Chemical Hydrides

  1. Low-Cost, Off-Board Regeneration of Sodium Borohydride, Ying Wu, Millennium Cell (PDF 420 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Storage: Radiolysis for Borate Regeneration, Bruce Wilding, INEEL (PDF 267 KB)
  3. Chemical Hydride Slurry for Hydrogen Production and Storage, Andy McClaine, Safe Hydrogen (PDF 443 KB)
  4. Design and Development of New Carbon-Based Sorbent Systems for an Effective Containment of Hydrogen, Guido Pez/Alan Cooper, Air Products (PDF 358 KB)

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C. Metal Hydrides

  1. Doped Sodium Aluminum Hydride: Fundamental Studies and Development of Related Hydrogen Storage Materials, Craig Jensen, Univ. of Hawaii (PDF 267 KB)
  2. Hydride Development for Hydrogen Storage, Jim Wang, SNL (PDF 895 KB)
  3. High-Density Hydrogen Storage System Demonstration Using NaAlH4 Complex Compound Hydrides, Don Anton, UTRC (PDF 580 KB)
  4. Discovery of Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage through Molecular Modeling and Combinatorial Methods, David Lesch, UOP (PDF 470 KB)
  5. Sub-Nanostructured Non-Transition Metal Complex Grids for Hydrogen Storage, Orhan Talu, Cleveland State (PDF 252 KB)
  6. Complex Hydride Compounds with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Capacity, Don Anton, UTRC (PDF 234 KB)

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D. Carbon Materials

  1. Hydrogen Storage in Carbon-based Materials, Mike Heben, NREL (PDF 489 KB)

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E. Testing and Analysis

  1. Standardized Testing Program for Emergent Chemical Hydride and Carbon Storage Technologies, Richard Page, SwRI (PDF 406 KB)
  2. Analyses of Hydrogen Storage Materials and On-Board Systems (New Project), Stephen Lasher, TIAX, LLC (PDF 207 KB)

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F. New Hydrogen Storage "Grand Challenge" Projects

  1. Carbon-based Materials Center of Excellence (New Project), Michael Heben, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 222 KB)
  2. Metal Hydride Center of Excellence (New Project), James Wang, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 235 KB)
  3. Chemical Hydrogen Storage Center of Excellence (New Project), William Tumas, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 224 KB)
  4. New "Grand Challenge" Independent Projects (PDF 293 KB)

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