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2004 Annual Progress Report

V. Technology Validation

Technology Validation Sub-Program Review, Sig Gronich, DOE (PDF 230 KB)

A. Power Parks Analysis

  1. Hawaii Hydrogen Power Park, Maurice Kaya, State of Hawaii (PDF 437 KB)
  2. DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park, Rob Regan, DTE Energy (PDF 665 KB)
  3. Hydrogen from Biomass for Urban Transportation, Yaw Yeboah, Clark Atlanta University (PDF 402 KB)
  4. Validation of an Integrated System for a Hydrogen-Fueled Power Park, Greg Keenan, Air Products & Chem. (PDF 412 KB)
  5. Hydrogen Power Park Business Opportunities Concept Project, Raymond Hobbs, Pinnacle (PDF 405 KB)
  6. Hawaii Hydrogen Center for Development and Deployment of Distributed Energy Systems, Richard Rocheleau, Hawaii Natural Energy Inst. (PDF 271 KB)
  7. Chattanooga Fuel Cell Demonstration Project (New Project), Henry McDonald, UT SimCenter at Chattanooga (PDF 216 KB)

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B. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration/Analysis

  1. Alkaline Fuel Cell-Battery Hybrid Systems with Ammonia or Methanol as Hydrogen Supply, Robert R. Aronsson, Apollo (PDF 509 KB)
  2. UNIGEN® Regenerative Fuel Cell For Uninterruptible Power Supply, Stephen Porter, Proton (PDF 307 KB)
  3. Fuel Cell Installation and Demonstration Project In Gallatin County, Montana, Bruce Nelson, Zoot Enterprises (PDF 281 KB)
  4. NextEnergy Fuel Cell Demonstration Project (New Project), Michael Quah, NextEnergy (PDF 202 KB)

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C. System Analysis

  1. Controlled Hydrogen Fleet & Infrastructure Analysis, Keith Wipke, NREL (PDF 607 KB)
  2. Power Parks System Simulation, Andy Lutz, SNL (PDF 451 KB)
  3. Technology Validation: Fuel Cell Bus Evaluations, Leslie Eudy, NREL (PDF 336 KB)

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D. Refueling Technology Development and Demonstration

  1. Development of a Turnkey Hydrogen Fueling Station, David Guro, Air Products (PDF 400 KB)
  2. Development of a Natural Gas to Hydrogen Fuel Station, Bill Liss, GTI (PDF 1 MB)
  3. Novel Compression and Fueling Apparatus to Meet Hydrogen Vehicle Range Requirements, Todd Carlson, Air Products (PDF 243 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Refueling Technology, Michele Davies, Hydradix/SunLine (PDF 308 KB)
  5. R&D of a PEM Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Reformer, and Vehicle Refueling Facility, Mark Wait, Air Products (PDF 550 KB)
  6. Praxair Hydrogen Fueling Station at LAX - Small Footprint H2 Capability at the Corner Filling Station, Aaron Rachlin, Praxair (PDF 304 KB)
  7. Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station System, Robert Boehm, U of Nevada-Las Vegas (PDF 422 KB)
  8. Hydrogen Fuel Project - H2Fuel, Derick Morse, RTC of Washoe Co. (PDF 242 KB)
  9. Florida Hydrogen Initiative, Inc. (New Project), Stephen Adams, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (PDF 221 KB)

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E. Vehicle Demonstations

  1. Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project (New Project), Sig Gronich and John Garbak, DOE (PDF 374 KB)
  2. Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blends - Converting Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles, Kirk Collier, Collier Techs. (PDF 374 KB)
  3. Fuelcell-Powered Front-End Loader Mining Vehicle, David Barnes, Vehicle Projects LLC (PDF 357 KB)
  4. Global Assessment of Hydrogen Based Technologies, Fouad Fouad, U. of Alabama (PDF 302 KB)

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