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2006 Annual Progress Report

VIII. Systems Analysis

This section of the 2006 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on systems analysis.

Systems Analysis Overview, Fred Joseck, Systems Analyst, DOE Hydrogen Program (PDF 171 KB)

  1. Moving Toward Consistent Analysis in the HFCIT Program: H2A, Maggie Mann, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 849 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Transition Modeling and Analysis: HYTRANS, David Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 1.15 MB)
  3. Energy Systems Analysis: HyDS Modeling Environment, Keith Parks, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 807 KB)
  4. Validation of "Idealized City" Models for H2 Delivery in Urban Areas, with Real-City Data, Joan Ogden, University of California, Davis (PDF 2.23 MB)
  5. Hydrogen Production Infrastructure Options Analysis, Brian D. James, Directed Technologies (PDF 316 KB)
  6. Impact of Hydrogen Production on U.S. Energy Markets, Harry Vidas, Energy & Environmental Analysis (PDF 418 KB)
  7. Hydrogen Analysis Resource Center, Marylynn Placet, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 212 KB)
  8. Macro-System Model, Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 187 KB)
  9. Updated Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Energy and Emission Impacts of Fuel-Cell Vehicles, Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 503 KB)
  10. Analysis of the Hydrogen Production and Delivery Infrastructure as a Complex Adaptive System, Donald Jones, RCF, Inc. (PDF 181 KB)
  11. Geographically-Based Hydrogen Consumer Demand and Infrastructure Analysis, Margo Melendez, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 358 KB)