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2006 Annual Progress Report

III. Delivery

This section of the 2006 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on delivery.

Hydrogen Delivery Sub-Program Overview, Mark Paster, Hydrogen Delivery Technology Development Manager (PDF 145 KB)

A. Pipelines

  1. Hydrogen Permeability and Integrity of Hydrogen Transfer Pipelines, Zhili Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 845 KB)
  2. FRP Hydrogen Pipelines, Barton Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 97 KB)
  3. Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines, Subodh K. Das, Secat, Inc. (PDF 848 KB)
  4. Evaluation of Natural Gas Pipeline Materials and Infrastructure for Hydrogen/Hythane Service, Thad Adams, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 61 KB)
  5. Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steels: Causes and Remediation, Petros Sofronis, Univeristy of Illinois (PDF 462 KB)

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B. Liquefaction

  1. Combined Reverse-Brayton Joule-Thompson Hydrogen Liquefaction Cycle, Martin Shimko, Gas Equipment Engineering Corporation (PDF 600 KB)

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C. Analysis

  1. H2A Delivery Analysis, Marianne Mintz, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 396 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Options Analysis, Tan-Ping Chen, Nexant Inc. (PDF 1.16 MB)
  3. Forecourt Storage and Compression Options, Bill Liss, GTI (PDF 509 KB)

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D. Storage Tanks

  1. Inexpensive Delivery of Compressed Hydrogen with Advanced Vessel Technology, Salvador Aceves, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PDF 581 KB)

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E. Cross-Cutting

  1. Hydrogen Regional Infrastructure Program in Pennsylvania, Linda Eslin, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (PDF 380 KB)

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