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2005 Annual Progress Report

VII. Fuel Cells

This section of the 2005 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on fuel cells.

Fuel Cells Sub-program Overview, Valri Lightner, Department of Energy (PDF 198 KB)

A. Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA)

  1. Integrated Manufacturing for Advanced Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Emory S. De Castro, De Nora N.A., E-TEK Division (PDF 292 KB)
  2. Advanced MEAs for Enhanced Operating Conditions, Mark K. Debe, 3M Company (PDF 459 KB)
  3. Development of High-temperature Membranes and Improved Cathode Catalysts, Lesia Protsailo, UTC Fuel Cells (PDF 642 KB)
  4. Electrocatalyst Supports and Electrode Structures, Eric Brosha, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 476 KB)

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B. Membranes and MEAs

  1. High-temperature Membranes, Thomas A. Zawodzinski, Case Western Reserve University (PDF 196 KB)
  2. High-temperature Polymer Membranes, Deborah Myers, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 188 KB)
  3. Enabling Commercial PEM Fuel Cells with Breakthrough Lifetime Improvements, Gonzalo Escobedo, DuPont Fuel Cells (PDF 636 KB)
  4. Development of a Low-cost, Durable Membrane and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Stationary and Mobile Fuel Cell Application, Michel Foure, Arkema Inc. (PDF 264 KB)
  5. Development of Polybenzimidazole-based, High-temperature Membrane and Electrode Assemblies for Stationary Applications, William Ernst, Plug Power Inc. (PDF 766 KB)
  6. Montana PEM Membrane Degradation Study, Lee H. Spangler, Montana State University (PDF 1 MB)
  7. MEA and Stack Durability for PEM Fuel Cells, Michael T. Hicks, 3M Company (PDF 324 KB)
  8. Development of Higher Temperature Membrane and Electrode Assembly for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Device, Susan Agro, Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. (PDF 251 KB)
  9. Non-nafion® Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Yu Seung Kim, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 453 KB)
  10. Advanced Fuel Cell Membranes Based on Heteropolyacids, John A. Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 290 KB)
  11. Hydrocarbon Membrane, Chris J. Cornelius, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 440 KB)

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C. Catalysts

  1. New Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Philip N. Ross, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 254 KB)
  2. Novel Non-precious Metal Catalysts for PEMFC: Catalyst Selection through Molecular Modeling and Durability Studies, Branko N. Popov, University of South Carolina (PDF 497 KB)
  3. Low-platinum Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction at PEMFC Cathodes, Karen Swider Lyons, Naval Research Laboratory (PDF 552 KB)
  4. Low Pt Loading Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts, Radoslav Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF 562 KB)
  5. Development of High-performance, Low-Pt Cathodes Containing New Catalysts and Layer Structure, Paolina Atanassova, Cabot Superior MicroPowders (PDF 342 KB)
  6. Cathode Electrocatalysis: Platinum Stability and Non-platinum Electrocatalysts, Deborah Myers, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 177 KB)
  7. Non-precious Metal Catalysts, Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 383 KB)
  8. Development of Transition Metal/Chalcogen Based Cathode Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells, Stephen Campbell, Ballard Power Systems (PDF 313 KB)
  9. Novel Approach to Non-precious Metal Catalysts, Radoslav T. Atanasoski, 3M Company (PDF 341 KB)
  10. Tungsten Cathode Catalyst for PEMFC, Joel B. Christian, OSRAM SYLVANIA Products Inc. (PDF 122 KB)

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D. Bipolar Plates

  1. Scale-up of Carbon/Carbon Composite Bipolar Plates, David Haack, Porvair Advanced Materials, Inc. (PDF 459 KB)
  2. Cost-effective Surface Modification for Metallic Bipolar Plates, Michael P. Brady, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 447 KB)
  3. Development of Low-cost, Clad Metal Bipolar Plates for PEM Fuel Cells, K. Scott Weil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 391 KB)
  4. Corrosion Protection of Metallic Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells, John A. Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 367 KB)

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E. Platinum Recycling

  1. Platinum Recycling Technology Development, Stephen Grot, Ion Power, Inc. (PDF 1.5 MB)
  2. Platinum Group Metal Recycling Technology Development, Lawrence Shore, Engelhard Corporation (PDF 502 KB)

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F. Fuel Processing

  1. Water-gas Shift Catalysis, Theodore Krause, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 290 KB)
  2. Catalysts for Autothermal Reforming, Theodore Krause, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 424 KB)
  3. Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide, Viviane Schwartz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 271 KB)
  4. Development of a 50kW Fuel Processor for Stationary Fuel Cell Applications using Revolutionary Materials for Absorption-enhanced Natural Gas Reforming, James F. Stevens, Chevron Technology Ventures (PDF 295 KB)
  5. Fuel Processing R&D, S. Ahmed, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 490 KB)
  6. Fuel Processors for PEM Fuel Cells, Levi Thompson, University of Michigan (PDF 440 KB)
  7. CHARM - Cost-effective, High-efficiency Advanced Reforming Module, Thomas M. Holmes, Nuvera Fuel Cells (PDF 403 KB)
  8. Plate-based Fuel Processing System, David Yee, Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc. (PDF 264 KB)
  9. Forecourt Fuel Processing: Micro-channel Steam Reforming of Natural Gas for Distributed Hydrogen Production, Greg A. Whyatt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 394 KB)

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G. Stationary Power Systems

  1. 150 KW PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant Verification, Thomas Clark, UTC Fuel Cells, LLC (PDF 272 KB)
  2. Back-up/Peak-shaving Fuel Cell Systems, William Ernst, Plug Power Inc. (PDF 434 KB)
  3. Economic Analysis of Stationary PEMFC Systems, Harry J. Stone, Battelle Memorial Institute (PDF 349 KB)
  4. Residential Fuel Cell Demonstration by the Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Mark Schneider, Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PDF 193 KB)
  5. Smart Energy Management and Control for Fuel Cell Based Micro-grid, Mohammad S. Alam, University of South Alabama (PDF 145 KB)
  6. An Advanced Buildings Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System, Kyle Taylor, IdaTech (PDF 154 KB)
  7. Application of Advanced Computer-aided Engineering Methods for Quality and Durability of Fuel Cell Components, Ken Kelly, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 439 KB)

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H. Transportation Systems and Balance-of-plant

  1. Cost and Performance Enhancements for a PEM Fuel Cell System Turbocompressor, Mark K. Gee, Honeywell Engines, Systems & Services (PDF 1 MB)
  2. Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for PEM Fuel Cells, Timothy J. McIntyre, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 396 KB)
  3. Development and Testing of a Toroidal Intersecting Vane Machine Air Management System, Sterling Bailey, Mechanology, LLC (PDF 315 KB)
  4. Development of a Thermal and Water Management System for PEM Fuel Cells, Guillermo Pont, Honeywell (PDF 390 KB)
  5. Development of Sensors for Automotive Fuel Cell Systems, Thomas Clark, UTC Fuel Cells (PDF 376 KB)
  6. Hydrogen Program Sensor Development, Richard W. Gehman, Honeywell Sensing and Control (PDF 147 KB)
  7. Fuel Cell Systems Analysis, Rajesh K. Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 436 KB)
  8. Graphite-based Thermal Management System Components for Fuel Cell Power Systems, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 1.1 MB)
  9. PEM Fuel Cell Freeze and Rapid Startup, Ahmad Pesaran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 637 KB)

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I. Fuel Cell Characterization

  1. Neutron Imaging Study of the Water Transport Mechanism in a Working Fuel Cell, Muhammad Arif, National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF 246 KB)
  2. Microstructural Characterization of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Karren L. More, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 889 KB)
  3. PEM Fuel Cell Durability, Rod Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 394 KB)
  4. Effect of Fuel and Air Impurities on PEM Fuel Cell Performance, Francisco Uribe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 854 KB)
  5. Component Benchmarking: Establishing a Standardized Single Cell Testing Procedure through Industry Participation, Consensus and Experimentation, Tommy Rockward, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 240 KB)
  6. Fundamental Science for Performance, Cost and Durability, Bryan Pivovar, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 396 KB)
  7. Fuel Cell Testing at Argonne National Laboratory, Ira Bloom, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 187 KB)
  8. Investigating Failure in Polymer-electrolyte Fuel Cells, John Newman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 259 KB)
  9. Cost Analyses of Fuel Cell Stack/Systems, Eric J. Carlson, TIAX LLC (PDF 348 KB)
  10. Electrochemical Sensors for PEMFC Vehicles, L. Peter Martin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PDF 243 KB)

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J. Cold Operation

  1. Sub-freezing Fuel Cell Effects, Bryan Pivovar, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 310 KB)

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K. Auxiliary/Portable Power

  1. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Prototype Demonstration for Consumer Electronics Applications, Robert K. Sievers, MTI Micro Fuel Cells (PDF 405 KB)
  2. Bipolar Plate-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell "TuffCell," J. David Carter, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 254 KB)
  3. Modeling and Control of an SOFC APU, Moe A. Khaleel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 524 KB)
  4. Advanced Catalysts with Reduced Noble Metal Content for Fuel Cells, S.R. Narayanan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PDF 1 MB)
  5. Demonstration and Evaluation of Fuel Cell Powered Trailer Refrigeration Units, Harry A. Dwyer, University of California at Davis (PDF 707 KB)
  6. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development for Auxiliary Power in Heavy-duty Vehicle Applications, George Simopoulos, Delphi Automotive Systems (PDF 288 KB)
  7. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Power Supply for All-day True Wireless Mobile Computing, Brian Wells, PolyFuel, Inc. (PDF 291 KB)
  8. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, Piotr Zelenay,Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 424 KB)
  9. Research and Development for Off-road Fuel Cell Applications, Matthew Steinbroner, IdaTech, LLC (PDF 492 KB)
  10. Diesel Fueled SOFC for Class 7/Class 8 on-highway Truck Auxiliary Power, Daniel Norrick, Cummins Power Generation (PDF 367 KB)

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