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2007 Annual Progress Report

II. Hydrogen Production

This section of the 2007 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Production Sub-Program Overview, Mark Paster, Roxanne Garland, Arlene Anderson, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 242 KB)

A. Distributed Production from Natural Gas

  1. Low Cost Hydrogen Production Platform, Tim Aaron, Praxair, Inc. (PDF 399 KB)
  2. Low-Cost Hydrogen Distributed Production System Development, Franklin D. Lomax, H2Gen Innovations, Inc. (PDF 309 KB)
  3. Integrated Hydrogen Production, Purification and Compression System, Satish Tamhankar, The BOC Group, Inc. (PDF 123 KB)
  4. Integrated Short Contact Time Hydrogen Generator with GE's Staged Catalytic Partial Oxidation (SCPO) Technology, Ke Liu, GE Global Research Center (PDF 540 KB)
  5. Integrated Ceramic Membrane System for Hydrogen Production, Joseph Schwartz, Praxair, Inc. (PDF 321 KB)

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B. Distributed Production from Bio-Derived Liquids

  1. Bio-Derived Liquids Reforming, Yong Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 331 KB)
  2. Investigation of Reaction Networks and Active Sites in Bio-Ethanol Steam Reforming Over Co-Based Catalysts, Umit S. Ozkan, Ohio State University (PDF 876 KB)
  3. Distributed Bio-Oil Reforming, Robert J. Evans, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 679 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Generation from Biomass-Derived Carbohydrates via the Aqueous-Phase Reforming (APR) Process, Dr. Randy D. Cortright, Virent Energy Systems, Inc. (PDF 288 KB)
  5. High Pressure Distributed Ethanol Reforming, S. Ahmed, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 405 KB)
  6. Hydrogen Production by NG and Renewable Liquids Reforming using Dense Ceramic Membranes, U. (Balu) Balachandran, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 325 KB)
  7. Cost Analysis of Distributed Bio-Derived Liquids Reforming, Brian D. James, Directed Technologies, Inc. (PDF 122 KB)

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C. Electrolysis

  1. Renewable Electrolysis Integrated System Development and Testing, Kevin W. Harrison, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 394 KB)
  2. Low-Cost, High-Pressure Hydrogen Generator, Cecelia Cropley, Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC (PDF 330 KB)
  3. Hydrogen Generation from Electrolysis, Stephen Porter, Distributed Energy Systems (PDF 92 KB)
  4. Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis, Richard Bourgeois, P.E., GE Global Research (PDF 414 KB)
  5. Development of a Novel Efficient Solid-Oxide Hybrid for Co-Generation of Hydrogen and Electricity Using Nearby Resources for Local Application, Greg Tao, Materials and Systems Research, Inc. (PDF 579 KB)
  6. High Performance Flexible Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Jie Guan, GE Global Research Center (PDF 356 KB)
  7. EVermont Hydrogen Electrolyzer Project, Harold Garabedian, EVermont (PDF 563 KB)
  8. Development of Water Splitting Catalysts Using a Novel Molecular Evolution Approach, Neal Woodbury, Arizona State University (PDF 823 KB)

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D. Separations

  1. Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Water-Gas Shift Reaction for Hydrogen Production, Jerry Lin, Arizona State University (PDF 725 KB)
  2. Water-Gas Shift Reaction via a Single-Stage Low-Temperature Membrane Reactor, Paul KT Liu, Media and Process Technology Inc. (PDF 572 KB)
  3. High-Performance Palladium-Based Membrane for Hydrogen Separation and Purification, Jim Acquaviva, Pall Corporation (PDF 559 KB)
  4. High-Performance, Durable, Pd-Alloy Membrane for Hydrogen Separation, Andrew Payzant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 101 KB)
  5. Bulk Amorphous Hydrogen Purification/Separation Membranes, Thad Adams, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 114 KB)
  6. Novel Low-Temperature Proton Transport Membranes, Andrew Payzant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 301 KB)
  7. Ultra-Thin Proton Conducting Membranes for H2 Stream Purification with Protective Getter Coatings, Margaret Welk, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 199 KB)
  8. Montana Palladium Research Initiative - Palladium-Based Membrane on a Porous Stainless Steel Substrate, John Krstulich, Montana Tech of the University of Montana (PDF 442 KB)

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E. Central Biomass Gasification

  1. One Step Biomass Gas Reforming-Shift Separation Membrane Reactor, Michael J. Roberts, Gas Technology Institute (PDF 276 KB)
  2. A Novel Slurry-Based Biomass Reforming Process, Sean C. Emerson, United Technologies Research Center (PDF 990 KB)

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F. Solar Hi-Temp Thermochemical Water Splitting

  1. Development of Solar-Powered Thermochemical Production of Hydrogen from Water , Robert Perret, The UNLV Research Foundation (PDF 942 KB)
  2. Fundamentals of a Solar-Thermal Hydrogen Production Process Using a Metal-Oxide Based Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycle, Alan W. Weimer, University of Colorado-Boulder (PDF 662 KB)

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G. Photoelectrochemical

  1. Photoelectrochemical Systems for Hydrogen Production, John A. Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 443 KB)
  2. Critical Research for Cost-Effective Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen, Liwei Xu, Midwest Optoelectronics LLC (PDF 754 KB)
  3. University of Nevada, Reno Photo-Electrochemical Project, Dr. Mano Misra, University of Nevada, Reno (PDF 443 KB)
  4. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production: UNLV-SHGR Program Subtask, Eric L. Miller, University of Hawaii at Manoa (PDF 633 KB)
  5. Solar Water Splitting: Photocatalyst Materials Discovery and Systems Development, Thomas F. McNulty, GE Global Research (PDF 299 KB)
  6. Production of Hydrogen for Clean and Renewable Sources of Energy for Fuel Cell Vehicles , Xunming Deng, University of Toledo (PDF 501 KB)
  7. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production Using a New Combinatorial Chemistry Derived Materials, Eric W. McFarland, University of California (PDF 927 KB)
  8. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production, Arun Madan, MVSystems Incorporated (PDF 286 KB)

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H. Biological Production

  1. Hydrogen from Water in a Novel Recombinant Oxygen-Tolerant Cyanobacteria System, Qing Xu, J. Craig Venter Institute (PDF 379 KB)
  2. Biological Systems for Hydrogen Photoproduction, Maria L. Ghirardi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 217 KB)
  3. Maximizing Light Utilization Efficiency and Hydrogen Production in Microalgal Cultures, Tasios Melis, University of California, Berkeley (PDF 329 KB)
  4. Use of Biological Materials and Biologically Inspired Materials for H2 Catalysis, John W. Peters, Montana State University (PDF 553 KB)
  5. Photobiological Hydrogen Research, George Philippidis, Florida International University (PDF 270 KB)
  6. Fermentation Approaches to Hydrogen Production, Pin-Ching Maness, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 146 KB)

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I. Hydrogen from Coal

  1. Scale-Up of Hydrogen Transport Membranes for IGCC and FutureGen Plants, Doug S. Jack, Eltron Research & Development (PDF 164 KB)
  2. Cost-Effective Method for Producing Self-Supporting Pd Alloy Membrane for Use in the Efficient Production of Coal-Derived Hydrogen, Kent Coulter, Southwest Research Institute (PDF 156 KB)
  3. Advanced Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactor, Thomas Henry Vanderspurt, United Technologies Corporation (PDF 259 KB)
  4. Integration of a Structural Water-Gas Shift Catalyst with a Vanadium Alloy Hydrogen Transport Device, Tom Barton, Western Research Institute (PDF 159 KB)
  5. High Flux Metallic Membranes for Hydrogen Recovery and Membrane Reactors, Robert Buxbaum, REB Research and Consulting (PDF 137 KB)
  6. Robust Low-Cost Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactor for High-Purity Hydrogen Production from Coal-Derived Syngas, Mark Fokema, Aspen Group Inc. (PDF 249 KB)
  7. Production and Storage of Hydrogen from Coal Using C1 Chemistry , Gerald P. Huffman, University of Kentucky (PDF 191 KB)

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J. Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative

  1. Sulfur-Iodine Thermochemical Cycle, Paul S. Pickard, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 326 KB)
  2. Hybrid Sulfur Thermochemical Process Development, William A. Summers, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 572 KB)
  3. High Temperature Thermochemical Processes, Michele A. Lewis, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 196 KB)
  4. NHI Catalyst and Membrane Studies for Thermochemical Cycles at INL, Daniel M. Ginosar, Idaho National Laboratory (PDF 357 KB)
  5. Materials Issues and Experiments for HTE and SO3 Electrolysis, David Carter, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 461 KB)
  6. Laboratory-Scale High Temperature Electrolysis System, J. Stephen Herring, Idaho National Laboratory (PDF 882 KB)
  7. Test of High Temperature Electrolysis ILS Half Module, Joseph J. Hartvigsen, Ceramatec, Inc. (PDF 207 KB)
  8. SOEC Modeling, Electrode Characterization Studies, and Process Flowsheet Analysis in Support of HTE Development, Tanju Sofu, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 459 KB)
  9. Membrane Applications for Nuclear Hydrogen Production Processes, Brian L. Bischoff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 408 KB)
  10. Nuclear Reactor/Hydrogen Process Interface including HyPEP Model Development, Steven R. Sherman, Idaho National Laboratory (PDF 406 KB)
  11. Corrosion and Crack Growth Studies of Heat Exchanger Construction Materials for HI Decomposition in the Sulfur-Iodine Hydrogen Cycle, Bunsen Wong, General Atomics (PDF 366 KB)

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K. Production-Crosscutting

  1. Adapting Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Distributed Power Generation, David J. Bayless, Ohio University (PDF 756 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Research, Yogi Goswami, University of South Florida (PDF 394 KB)
  3. Distributed Energy Project, David J. Bayless, Ohio University (PDF 515 KB)
  4. Generation and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Carbon Sequestration in Northwest Indiana, Norm Bessette, Acumentrics Corporation (PDF 491 KB)
  5. Developing Improved Materials to Support the Hydrogen Economy, Michael Martin, EMTEC (PDF 977 KB)

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