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2017 Annual Progress Report

II. Hydrogen Production

This section of the 2017 Annual Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program focuses on hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Production Sub-Program Overview, Eric Miller, U.S. Department of Energy

A. Hydrogen Production Analysis

  1. Analysis of Advanced Hydrogen Production Pathways, Brian James, Strategic Analysis, Inc.

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B. Electrolysis

  1. Renewable Electrolysis Integrated Systems Development and Testing, Michael Peters, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. High-Performance, Long-Lifetime Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis, Hui Xu, Giner Inc.
  3. High-Performance Platinum Group Metal-Free Membrane Electrode Assemblies through Control of Interfacial Processes, Katherine Ayers, Proton OnSite
  4. High-Temperature Alkaline Water Electrolysis, Hui Xu, Giner Inc.
  5. Solid Oxide-Based Electrolysis and Stack Technology with Ultra-High Electrolysis Current Density (>3 A/cm2) and Efficiency, Randy Petri, FuelCell Energy, Inc.
  6. Economical Production of Hydrogen through Development of Novel, High-Efficiency Electrocatalysts for Alkaline Membrane Electrolysis, Katherine Ayers, Proton OnSite
  7. New Approaches to Improved PEM Electrolyzer Ion Exchange Membranes, Earl Wagener, Tetramer Technologies, LLC
  8. Multi-Scale Ordered Cell Structure for Cost-Effective Production of Hydrogen by High-Temperature Water Splitting, S. (Elango) Elangovan, Ceramatec, Inc.

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C. High-Temperature Thermochemical

  1. High-Efficiency Solar Thermochemical Reactor for Hydrogen Production, Anthony McDaniel, Sandia National Laboratories
  2. Flowing Particle Bed Solarthermal Redox Process to Split Water, Alan Weimer, University of Colorado

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D. Photoelectrochemical

  1. High-Efficiency Tandem Absorbers for Economical Solar Hydrogen Production, Todd Deutsch, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. Wide Bandgap Chalcopyrite Photoelectrodes for Direct Solar Water Splitting, Nicolas Gaillard, University of Hawaii
  3. Tandem Particle-Slurry Batch Reactors for Solar Water Splitting, Shane Ardo, University of California, Irvine

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E. Biological

  1. Biomass to Hydrogen (B2H2), Pin-Ching Maness, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. Sweet Hydrogen: High-Yield Production of Hydrogen from Biomass Sugars Catalyzed by in vitro Synthetic Biosystems, Y-H Percival Zhang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  3. Novel Hybrid Microbial Electrochemical System for Efficient Hydrogen Generation from Biomass, Hong Liu, Oregon State University

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F. Basic Energy Sciences

  1. Tailoring Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) Catalysts for Operation at Specific pH Values, Bianca Ceballos, University of California, Irvine
  2. Hybrid Perovskites and Non-Adiabatic Dynamics Simulations: Catching Realistic Aspects of the Charge Recombination Process, Joanna Jankowska, University of Southern California
  3. Nano-Bio Systems for Light-Driven Hydrogen Production, Kara Bren, University of Rochester
  4. Mechanistic Investigations on Hydrogen Catalysis by [FeFe]-Hydrogenase, David Mulder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  5. Bioenergetics of Photosynthetic Energy Transduction: Control of Pathways through Redox Biochemistry, David Mulder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  6. Reversible Conversion between Carbon Dioxide/Hydrogen and Formic Acid by Molecular Catalysts, Etsuko Fujita, Brookhaven National Laboratory

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