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Hydrogen Manufacturing

Manufacturing covers a broad range of components and systems related to hydrogen production and delivery, fuel cells, and hydrogen storage. Significant challenges must be overcome to move from today's components and systems, built using laboratory-scale fabrication technologies, to high-volume commercially manufactured products.

This DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program activity focuses on R&D of manufacturing processes to reduce the cost and enhance the reliability of critical components and systems. Critical manufacturing needs for the initial transition to a hydrogen economy include distributed production and delivery, on-board vehicle storage, and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

Roadmap on Manufacturing R&D

DOE maps the path to a hydrogen-powered future in its Roadmap on Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy. Released in January 2006, the draft Roadmap is designed to guide research and development in hydrogen manufacturing processes.

Based on the results of the Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy Workshop in July 2005, the 80-page document consolidates recommendations from hydrogen power experts in the Federal government, universities, national laboratories, and industry. Led by DOE, the workshop was supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and coordinated with the Manufacturing R&D Interagency Working Group of the National Science and Technology Council.

The Roadmap identifies critical challenges facing the manufacture of hydrogen systems today, with a focus on fuel cell, production, delivery and storage technologies. New R&D will play a pivotal role in developing the needed manufacturing processes and supplier chains to move the nation towards a hydrogen energy economy.