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Mission and Goals

DOE Hydrogen Program Mission

The mission of the Hydrogen Program is to reduce petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution and to contribute to a more diverse and efficient energy infrastructure by enabling the widespread commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The Program's key goals are to advance these technologies—through research, development, and validation efforts—to be competitive with current technologies in cost and performance, and to reduce the institutional and market barriers to their commercialization.

Guiding Documents

The DOE Hydrogen Program has defined the technical requirements to meet the goals of the National Energy Policy and Department of Energy Strategic Plans in the DOE Hydrogen Program Plan, and the RD&D plans of the Offices of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fossil Energy, Nuclear, Science and Technology, and Science. Read the guiding documents, strategic plans, and technical RD&D plans of the DOE Hydrogen Program.