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Program Records

Key numbers and facts are often cited or referenced by the DOE Hydrogen Program in its plans, reports, Web pages, announcements, speeches, presentations, and news releases. To document the source of these numbers or facts, "program records" have been developed to explain the inherent assumptions, source data, and calculation methodologies. The following table includes records in these areas:

Record NumberTitleDate
17006Historical Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Budgets07/12/17
16010Updated: See Record 17006 
15009Updated: See Record 16010 
14008Updated: See Record 15009 
14006Cradle to Grave Lifecycle Analysis of Vehicle and Fuel Pathways03/25/14
13004Updated: See Record 14008 
12017Updated: See Record 13004 
11004Updated: See Record 12017 
8013Air Quality and Population11/18/08
5025Advanced Energy Initiative04/03/06
5017Updated: See Record 8013 
5015Percent of Funding Going to Universities (EE only) 12/15/05
5010Hydrogen Fuel Initiative FY2004-2006 Budgets 
5007Hydrogen-related Research at DOE 
5004Hydrogen Fuel Initiative FY2006 Budget Request 
5002DOE Hydrogen Program Solicitation Award Announcements03/27/06
5001Federal Funding of Related Programs02/09/07
21003Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Small Sport Utility Vehicles09/08/21
20003Hydrogen Production Potential from Nuclear Power07/30/21
19006Hydrogen Class 8 Long Haul Truck Targets12/12/19
19002Current Hydrogen Market Size: Domestic and Global10/01/19
18002Industry Deployed Fuel Cell Powered Lift Trucks05/23/18
18001FCTO FY18 Inputs and Assumptions for Program Analysis10/05/18
17008Levelized Cost of Driving for Future ICEV as Transportation Metric03/12/18
17005Water Consumption for Light-Duty Vehicles' Transportation Fuels06/23/17
17004Industry Deployed Fuel Cell Backup Power (BuP)05/25/17
17003Updated: See Record 18002 
16021GHG Emissions and Petroleum Use Reduction from Fuel Cell Deployments12/27/16
16013Updated: See Record 17004 
16012Updated: See Record 17003 
16009Life-Cycle Costs of Mid-Size Light-Duty Vehicles05/27/16
16008Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Petroleum Use for Mid-Size Cars12/23/16
16007Updated: See Record 17005 
16006Platinum Group Metals (PGM) for Light-Duty Vehicles02/24/16
16004Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Petroleum Use for Current Cars05/24/16
16003Updated: See Record 16021 
16002Environmental and Energy Security Benefits for APUs in Transportation Applications02/09/16
16001Well-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Methanol to Hydrogen Pathways01/08/16
15012Early Market Hydrogen Cost Target Calculation—2015 Update09/22/15
15004Updated: See Record 16013 
15003Updated: See Record 16012 
14013Early Market Hydrogen Cost Target Calculation10/06/14
14010Updated: See Record 15003 
14009Updated: See Record 15004 
14007Water Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles07/14/14
14003Levelized Costs of Electricity from CHP and PV03/14/14
14001Updated: See Record 16006 
13008Updated: See Record 14010 
13007Updated: See Record 14009 
13006Life-Cycle Costs of Mid-Size Light-Duty Vehicles04/25/13
13005 (Revision #1)Well-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Petroleum Use for Mid-Size Light-Duty Vehicles05/10/13
12013Updated: See Record 13007 
11017Updated: See Record 13008 
11002Number of Cars Equivalent to 100 Metric Tons of Avoided Greenhouse Gases per Year01/05/11
10001Updated: See Record 13005 
9002Updated: See Record 10001 
9001Updated: See Record 9002 
8020Reduction in Fuel Consumption with Fuel Cell Vehicles12/29/08
5038Hydrogen Cost Competitive on a Cents per Mile Basis—200605/22/06
5018Updated: See Record 8020 
5012aWells-to-Wheels Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Solar and Wind-based Hydrogen12/21/05
5012bWell-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions—2105 Distributed Electrolysis Wind12/21/05
5012cWell-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions—2030 Central Electrolysis Solar12/21/05
5012dWell-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions—2030 Central Electrolysis Wind12/21/05
5009References for Posture Plan Energy Requirements Diagrams 
5008Hydrogen Demand in 2040 for Fuel Cell Vehicles12/28/05
5003Carbon Displacement Using Net-zero Carbon Sources01/04/06
Fuel Cells
23002Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell System Cost—202205/30/23
20008On-Road Transit Bus Fuel Cell Stack Durability04/14/21
21001Durability-Adjusted Fuel Cell System Cost01/08/21
20005Automotive Fuel Cell Targets and Status10/02/20
20002Early Market Transportation Fuel Cell Cost09/01/20
20001Reversible Fuel Cell Targets06/23/20
17007Fuel Cell System Cost—201711/30/17
16020Fuel Cell System Cost—201611/21/16
16019On-Road Fuel Cell Stack Durability—201611/09/16
15015Fuel Cell System Cost—201510/22/15
15014On-Road Fuel Cell Stack Durability—201510/22/15
14014Fuel Cell System Cost—201410/06/14
14012Fuel Cell System Cost—201306/13/14
12020Fuel Cell System Cost—201209/27/12
12012Fuel Cell Bus Targets09/27/12
11016Micro CHP Fuel Cell System Targets04/05/12
11015Assessment of Perfluorinated Pollutants Associated with Fuel Cells04/05/12
11014Medium-scale CHP Fuel Cell System Targets04/05/12
11012Fuel Cell System Cost—201109/28/11
11013Platinum Group Metal Loading in PEMFC Stacks07/26/11
11009Revised Portable Power Fuel Cell Targets07/19/11
11003Fuel Cell Stack Durability05/03/12
11001Revised APU Targets01/25/11
10004Fuel Cell System Cost—201012/22/10
9018Platinum Group Metal Loading03/23/10
9010Benefits of Fuel Cell APU on Trucks11/25/09
9012Fuel Cell System Cost—200910/13/09
8019Fuel Cell System Cost—200810/31/08
8002Fuel Cell System Cost—200710/31/08
5036Fuel Cell Stack Durability 04/20/06
5036aBackup Reference for Fuel Cell Stack Durability04/20/06
5005Fuel Cell System Cost—200503/20/05
24005Clean Hydrogen Production Cost Scenarios with PEM Electrolyzer Technology 05/20/24
24001Electrolyzer Installations in the United States 05/06/24
23003Electrolyzer Installations in the United States06/02/23
22002Historical Cost Reduction of PEM Electrolyzers06/11/22
22001PEM Electrolyzer Capacity Installations in the United States06/06/22
20009Electrolyzer Capacity Installations in the United States06/04/21
21002Hydrogen Fueling Stations Cost02/11/21
20007Hydrogen Delivery and Dispensing Cost10/02/20
20006Hydrogen Production Cost from High Temperature Electrolysis09/29/20
20004Cost of Electrolytic Hydrogen Production with Existing Technology09/22/20
19009Hydrogen Production Cost from PEM Electrolysis—201902/03/20
19001Current Status of Hydrogen Liquefaction Costs09/09/19
18004Hydrogen R&D Cost Target Calculation—2018 Update09/10/18
18003Current Status of Hydrogen Delivery and Dispensing Costs and Pathways to Future Cost Reductions12/17/18
16016Hydrogen Production Cost from Fermentation02/27/17
16015Current U.S. Hydrogen Production05/24/16
16014Hydrogen Production Cost from Solid Oxide Electrolysis05/31/16
16011Hydrogen Delivery Cost Projections — 201505/24/16
15011Low Volume Production and Delivery Cost 11/06/15
14005Hydrogen Production Status 2006–201311/04/14
14004Hydrogen Production Cost From PEM Electrolysis07/01/14
13013Hydrogen Delivery Cost Projections—201312/18/13
12024Hydrogen Production Cost Using Low-Cost Natural Gas11/01/12
12022Hydrogen Delivery Cost Projections—201107/12/13
12022aHydrogen Delivery Scenario Analysis Model v2.31—2005 case07/12/13
12022bHydrogen Delivery Scenario Analysis Model v2.31—2011 case07/12/13
12022cHydrogen Delivery Scenario Analysis Model v2.31—2020 case07/12/13
12021Cost Projections for Delivery Operations at a Distributed Hydrogen Production/Refueling Site12/21/12
12014Current U.S. Hydrogen Production06/28/12
12002H2 Production Status and Threshold Costs Plot 2006-201101/10/13
12001Hydrogen Production and Delivery Cost Apportionment12/21/12
11007Hydrogen Threshold Cost Calculation03/25/11
6002Electrolysis Analysis to Support Technical Targets12/16/08
6002a-lElectrolysis Analysis to Support Technical Targets (referenced in 6002)12/16/08
50402005 Hydrogen Cost from Water Electrolysis12/12/08
5040aH2A MYPP Current Forecore Electrolysis, Storage and Dispense Case (2005) Supporting Record 504012/12/08
5035Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas 2003—200505/22/06
5030Hydrogen Baseline Cost of $5 per gge in 200301/30/06
5030aBackup Reference—Hydrogen Baseline Cost of $5 per gge in 200301/30/06
5014Electricity Price Effect on Electrolysis Cost12/15/05
5013Hydrogen Cost Goal12/15/05
5011Hydrogen Potential from Solar and Wind Resources12/15/05
5006Solar Resources in the U.S. 
Safety, Codes, and Standards
21004Increased Design Life for High-Pressure Stationary Hydrogen Storage Vessels through Development of Empirically Based Design Curves11/12/21
19005600 kg/day Hydrogen Fueling Station Footprint10/07/19
15006Separation Distance Reduction Based on Risk-Informed Analysis05/18/15
15005Testing of Hydrogen Effects on Full-Scale Type 1 Pressure Vessels in High Cyclic Fatigue (>30,000 cycles)01/10/16
24003Hydrogen Liquefaction Capacity in the United States05/01/24
19008Onboard Type IV Compressed Hydrogen Storage System—Cost and Performance Status11/25/19
15013Onboard Type IV Compressed Hydrogen Storage System—Cost and Performance Status 201511/25/15
13010Onboard Type IV Compressed Hydrogen Storage Systems—Current Performance and Cost07/17/13
9017On-Board Hydrogen Storage Systems – Projected Performance and Cost Parameters07/2/10
9014Hydrogen Storage Materials: 2007 – 200912/2/09
9013Energy Requirements for Hydrogen Gas Compression and Liquefaction as Related to Vehicle Storage Needs07/7/09
5037Hydrogen Storage Materials—2004 vs. 200605/22/06


Additional records are being updated. They will be posted here upon approval.