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2017 Annual Progress Report

Published in May 2018, the 2017 Annual Progress Report summarizes fiscal year 2017 activities and accomplishments by projects funded by the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program.

Front Cover

Title Page and Table of Contents

I. Introduction, Sunita Satyapal, U.S. Department of Energy

II. Hydrogen Production

  1. Hydrogen Production Analysis
  2. Electrolysis
  3. High-Temperature Thermochemical
  4. Photoelectrochemical
  5. Biological
  6. Basic Energy Sciences

III. Hydrogen Delivery

IV. Hydrogen Storage

  1. Analysis
  2. System Engineering
  3. Advanced Materials
  4. Advanced Tanks

V. Fuel Cells

  1. Catalysts and Electrodes
  2. Fuel Cell Performance and Durability
  3. Membranes/Electrolytes
  4. MEAs, Cells, and Other Stack Components
  5. Testing and Technical Assessment

VI. Manufacturing R&D

VII. Technology Validation

  1. Vehicles
  2. Hydrogen Infrastructure
  3. Hydrogen Energy Storage/Grid Integration
  4. H2@Scale

VIII. Safety, Codes and Standards

IX. Systems Analysis

X. Market Transformation

XI. Small Business Innovation Research

XII. Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions

XIII. Primary Contacts Index

XIV. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Contacts

XV. Project Listings by State

XVI. Project Listings by Organization

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