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2006 Annual Progress Report

IX. Education

This section of the 2006 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on education.

Education Sub-Program Overview, Christy Cooper, Education Team Lead, DOE Hydrogen Program (PDF 173 KB)

  1. Baseline Knowledge Assessment of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Tykey Truett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 77 KB)
  2. Hydrogen/Alternative Energy Center, Ruth Borger, Lansing Community College (PDF 96 KB)
  3. Hydrogen Futures Park at University of Montana, Paul Williamson, University of Montana (PDF 158 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Technology and Energy Curriculum (HyTEC), Barbara Nagle, Univeristy of California, Berkeley (PDF 359 KB)
  5. H2 Educate! - Hydrogen Education for Middle Schools, Mary Spruill, NEED (PDF 75 KB)
  6. Shared Technology Transfer Program, John Griffin, Nicholls State University (PDF 214 KB)
  7. Hydrogen Safety Education and Training for Emergency Responders, Bruce Kinzey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 425 KB)
  8. Increasing "H2IQ": A Public Information Program, Henry Gentenaar, The Media Network (PDF 72 KB)