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2008 Annual Progress Report

The 2008 progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program summarizes the hydrogen and fuel cell R&D activities and accomplishments for FY 2008.

Front Cover (PDF 1.2 MB )

Table of Contents (PDF 180 KB)

I. Introduction, JoAnn Milliken, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 980 KB)

II. Hydrogen Production

  1. Distributed Production from Bio-Derived Liquids
  2. Electrolysis
  3. Separations
  4. Biomass Gasification
  5. Photoelectrochemical
  6. Biological Production
  7. Hydrogen From Coal
  8. Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative
  9. Hi-Temp Thermochemical
  10. Cross-Cutting
  11. Basic Energy Sciences

III. Hydrogen Delivery

IV. Hydrogen Storage

  1. Metal Hydride Center of Excellence
  2. Chemical Hydrogen Storage Center of Excellence
  3. Hydrogen Sorption Center of Excellence
  4. New Materials – Independent Projects
  5. Storage Testing, Safety and Analysis
  6. Storage Cross-Cutting

V. Fuel Cells

  1. Analysis/Characterization
  2. Bipolar Plates/Hardware
  3. Catalysts/Supports
  4. Distributed Energy
  5. Impurities
  6. Recycling
  7. Membranes
  8. Water Transport
  9. Auxilary/Off-Road/Portable
  10. Cross-Cutting
  11. Water Management

VI. Manufacturing R&D

VII. Technology Validation

VIII. Safety, Codes & Standards

IX. Education

X. Systems Analysis

XI. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Hydrogen Program New Projects Awarded in FY 2008 (PDF 78 KB)

XII. Acronyms and Abbreviations, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 218 KB)

XIII. Primary Contacts Index, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 89 KB)

XIV. Hydrogen Program Contacts, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 64 KB)

XV. Project Listings by State, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 227 KB)

XVI. Project Listings by Organization, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF 230 KB)