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2007 Annual Merit Review Awards

Each year, the Peer Review Panel at the Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting reviews the hydrogen and fuel cell projects funded by DOE's Hydrogen Program. After evaluating the merit of the 2007 hydrogen and fuel cell projects, the Peer Review Panel presented the following awards.

DOE Hydrogen Program

Shawna McQueen, Energetics

Technology Innovation


Fuel Cells R&D

Dr. Muhammad Arif, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Storage R&D

Omar Yaghi, University of California, Los Angeles
Larry Sneddon, University of Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Materials Compatibility R&D

Brian Somerday, Sandia National Laboratories
Christopher San Marchi, Sandia National Laboratories

Hydrogen Scenario Analysis

David Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Paul Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Margo Melendez, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Anelia Milbrandt, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Cory Welch, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Brian James, Directed Technologies Inc.
Julie Perez, Directed Technologies Inc.
Shawna McQueen, Energetics

Technology Validation

Mujeeb Ijaz, Ford Motor Co.