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2007 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Systems Analysis

These presentations and posters from the systems analysis session at the Annual Merit Review in May 2007 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Systems Analysis, Session Introduction, Fred Joseck, Office of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy

Systems Analysis Presentations

  1. Hydrogen Pathway Analysis using HyPro, Brian James, Directed Technologies, Inc.
  2. Impact of Hydrogen Production on U.S. Energy Markets, E. Harry Vidas, Energy & Environmental Analysis, Inc.
  3. Analysis of the Hydrogen Production and Delivery Infrastructure as a Complex Adaptive System, George S. Tolley, RCF Economic and Financial Consulting, Inc.
  4. HyDRA: Hydrogen Demand and Resource Analysis Tool, Johanna Levene, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  5. Macro-System Model, Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  6. Hydrogen Quality Issues for Fuel Cell Vehicles - DOE Hydrogen Quality Working Group: Activities and Progress, Romesh Kumar, Argonne National Laboratory
  7. GREET WTW Analysis of Fuel-Cell Vehicles with Different Hydrogen Production Pathways, Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
  8. HyTrans Model: Analyzing the Transition to Hydrogen-Powered Transportation, David L. Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Systems Analysis Posters

  1. Impact of Renewables on Hydrogen Transition Analysis, Stephen Lasher, TIAX LLC
  2. Hydrogen Technology Analysis: H2A Production Model Update, Todd Ramsden, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  3. 2007 DOE Hydrogen Program System Dynamics: HyDIVE™ (Hydrogen Dynamic Infrastructure and Vehicle Evolution) Model, Cory Welch, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Analysis Repository, Melissa Lott, Alliance Technical Services, Inc.

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