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2004 Annual Progress Report

VI. Safety, Codes & Standards

Safety, Codes & Standards Sub-Program Review, Patrick Davis, DOE (PDF 217 KB)

  1. Hydrogen Codes and Standards, Jim Ohi, NREL (PDF 1 MB)
  2. Electrochemical Sensors for PEMFC Vehicles, Peter Martin, LLNL (PDF 283 KB)
  3. Interfacial Stability of Thin Film H2 Sensors, Roland Pitts, NREL (PDF 276 KB)
  4. Codes and Standards Analysis, Michael Swain, University of Miami (PDF 618 KB)
  5. Hydrogen Safety, Codes and Standards R&D, Jay Keller, SNL (PDF 453 KB)
  6. Cooperative Industry-Government Hydrogen Safety Study, Cathy Padro, LANL (PDF 378 KB)
  7. Hydrogen Safety, Bruce Kinzey, PNNL (PDF 571 KB)
  8. Evaluation of Integrated Hydrogen Systems, Susan Schoenung, Longitude 122 West, Inc (PDF 523 KB)
  9. Management of International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Secretariat, Mary-Rose de Valladares, M.R.S. Enterprises, LLC (PDF 601 KB)
  10. Combustion of Hydrogen in Air under Simulated Accident Conditions, Josette Bellan, JPL (PDF 239 KB)

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