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2004 Annual Progress Report

VII. Education

Education Sub-Program Review, Christy Cooper, DOE (PDF 283 KB)

  1. Determine Baseline Knowledge of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Tykey Truett , ORNL (PDF 262 KB)
  2. Fuel Cell Demonstration with On-site Generation of Hydrogen, Tim Turner, NC State University (PDF 212 KB)
  3. Washington State Fuel Cell Education and Demonstration Program, Mira Vowles, Central Washington Univ. (PDF 315 KB)
  4. Lansing Community College Alternative Energy Initiative, Ruth Borger, Lansing Community College (PDF 214 KB)
  5. Shared Technology Transfer Project, John Griffin, Nicholls State University (PDF 228 KB)
  6. Montana Hydrogen Futures Project, Paul Williamson, U. of Montana (PDF 202 KB)
  7. Developing PEM Fuel Cell Educational Modules (New Project), Scott Tolbert, University of North Dakota (PDF 202 KB)
  8. Hydrogen Technology and Energy Curriculum (New Project), Barbara Nagle, Center for Curriculum Innovation of the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) (PDF 222 KB)
  9. H2 Educate (New Project), Mary Spruill, National Energy Education Development (NEED) (PDF 201 KB)
  10. Hydrogen Technology Overview Publication and Program Information Kit (New Project), Cindi Andersen, Andersen Creative Group (PDF 203 KB)
  11. Hydrogen Educational Materials (New Project), Rick Tidball, Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA) (PDF 201 KB)

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