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2006 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Safety, Codes and Standards

These presentations and posters from the safety, codes and standards session at the Annual Merit Review May 16-19, 2006 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Hydrogen Safety, Codes and Standards Sub-Program Overview, Patrick Davis and Antonio Ruiz, DOE

Safety, Codes and Standards Presentations

  1. Hydrogen Codes and Standards, Jim Ohi, NREL
  2. Research and Development for Hydrogen Safety, Codes and Standards, Chris Moen, SNL
  3. International Projects: Global Technical Regulations, Cathy Padro, LANL
  4. 2006 DOE Hydrogen Program H2 Incident Reporting and Best Practices Database, Bruce Kinzey, PNNL
  5. Hydrogen Safety Review Panel, Steven Weiner, PNNL

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