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2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Basic Energy Sciences

These presentations and posters from the Basic Energy Sciences session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2008 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Office of Basic Energy Sciences Hydrogen Research Overview (PDF 1.6 MB), Harriet Kung, U.S. Department of Energy

Basic Energy Sciences Presentations

  1. Metal–to–Ligand Charge Transfer Excited States on Surfaces and in Rigid Media. Application to Energy Conversion (PDF 173 KB), Thomas J. Meyer and John M. Papanikolas; University of North Carolina
  2. Real–Time Atomistic Simulation Studies of Light Harvesting and Charge Transport for Solar Hydrogen Production (PDF 185 KB), Oleg V. Prezhdo, University of Washington
  3. Efficient H2 Production via Novel Molecular Chromophores and Nanostructures (PDF 278 KB), Arthur J. Nozik and Arthur J. Frank, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Regulation of H2 and CO2 Metabolism: Factors Involved in Partitioning of Photosynthetic Reductant in Green Algae (PDF 174 KB), Maria L. Ghirardi, Mike Seibert, Matthew Posewitz and Matthew Wecker; National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  5. Fundamental Studies of Recombinant Hydrogenases (PDF 263 KB), Michael W. W. Adams, University of Georgia
  6. Catalyst Discovery Using Biomolecule Evolution (PDF 490 KB), Dan Feldheim, Bruce Eaton, Jessica Rouge, Chris Ackerson, Carly Carter, Alina Owczarek: University of Colorado
  7. Sunlight–Driven Hydrogen Formation by Membrane–Supported Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting (PDF 148 KB), Prof. Nathan. S. Lewis; California Institute of Technology
  8. Electrochemical Construction of High Performance, Low Cost Polycrystalline Photoelectrodes for Solar Hydrogen Production (PDF 502 KB), Kyoung–Shin Choi; Purdue University
  9. A Combinatorial Approach to Realization of Efficient Water Photoelectrolysis (PDF 164 KB), Bruce A. Parkinson, Colorado State University
  10. Fundamental Investigations of Water Splitting on Model TiO2 Photocatalysts Doped for Visible Light Absorption (PDF 411 KB), Dr. Michael A. Henderson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  11. Catalyzed Water Oxidation by Solar Irradiation of Band–Gap–Narrowed Semiconductors (PDF 285 KB), Etsuko Fujita, Peter Khalifah, Sergei Lymar, James T. Muckerman, José Rodriguez; Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  12. Photoactive Inorganic Membranes for Charge Transport (PDF 301 KB), Prabir Dutta, Henk Verweij, Bern Kohler; The Ohio State University
  13. Modular Designed Protein Constructions for Solar Generated H2 from Water (PDF 509 KB), P. Leslie Dutton, University of Pennsylvania
  14. A Hybrid Biological–Organic Photochemical Half–Cell for Generating Dihydrogen (PDF 557 KB), John H. Golbeck, Donald A. Bryant; The Pennsylvania State University

Basic Energy Sciences Posters

  1. Hydrogenases of Methanococcus maripaludis (PDF 242 KB), John A. Leigh, William B. Whitman, and Murray Hackett; University of Washington
  2. Theoretical Research Program on Bio–inspired Inorganic Hydrogen Generating Catalysts and Electrodes (PDF 166 KB), Annabella Selloni, Roberto Car; Princeton University
  3. Identification of Enzymes involved in Syntrophic H2 production (PDF 218 KB), Lee R. Krumholz, Xiangzhen Li, Peter Bradstock, Michael McInerney; University of Oklahoma
  4. Production and Engineering of Hydrogenase as a Biocatalyst for Hydrogen Fuel (PDF 163 KB), Guangyi Wang, University of Hawaii
  5. "Electronically Wired" Semiconductor Nanoparticles: Toward Vectoral Electron Transport in Hybrid Materials (PDF 372 KB), Neal R. Armstrong, Jeffrey Pyun, S. Scott Saavedra; University of Arizona
  6. Hydrogen Generation Using Integrated Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Cells (PDF 594 KB), Jin Z. Zhang, University of California, Santa Cruz
  7. Tandem Hybrid Solar Energy System (PDF 219 KB), Greg D. Barber, The Pennsylvania State University
  8. Photoelectrochemistry of Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays (PDF 433 KB), Thomas E. Mallouk, The Pennsylvania State University
  9. Strained TiO2 Photoanodes (PDF 160 KB), Luke Thulin, John Guerra, and Amol Chandekar; Nanoptek Corp.
  10. Highly Ordered Nanotube Arrays and their Use in Water Photoelectrolysis (PDF 280 KB), Prof. Craig A. Grimes, The Pennsylvania State University
  11. Photoinitiated Electron Collection in Mixed-Metal Supramolecular Complexes: Development of Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production (PDF 266 KB), Karen J. Brewer, Virginia Tech

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