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2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings


These presentations from the Hydrogen Education session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2008 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Education Sub–Program Overview (PDF 1.0 MB), Christy Cooper, U.S. Department of Energy

  1. Hydrogen Knowledge and Opinions Assessment (PDF 291 KB), Rick Schmoyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  2. Hydrogen Safety: First Responder Education (PDF 413 KB), Marylynn Placet, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  3. Hydrogen Education for Code Officials (PDF 399 KB), Melanie Caton, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Increasing “H2IQ”: A Public Information Program (PDF 575 KB), Henry Gentenaar, The Media Network, Inc.
  5. H2 and You – A Public Education Initiative by the Hydrogen Education Foundation (PDF 743 KB), Patrick Rooney, Hydrogen Education Foundation
  6. Hydrogen Technology and Energy Curriculum (HyTEC) (PDF 1.3 MB), Barbara Nagle, Lawrence Hall of Science at UC-Berkeley
  7. H2 Educate! Hydrogen Education for Middle Schools (PDF 2.2 MB), Mary Spruill, National Energy Education Development

To locate posters and presentations from other meeting sessions, go to the main page of the 2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings.