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2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings


These presentations and posters from the Hydrogen Manufacturing session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2008 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Manufacturing R&D Sub–Program Overview (PDF 680 KB), Pete Devlin, U.S. Department of Energy

Manufacturing Presentations

  1. Fuel Cell MEA Manufacturing R&D (PDF 870 KB), Michael Ulsh & Huyen Dinh, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Renewable Energy Applications — a DoE/NCMS Partnership (PDF 93 KB), Chuck Ryan, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
  3. Rapid Manufacturing of Carbon Composite High Pressure Storage Cylinders (PDF 162 KB), Geoffrey Wood, Profile Composites
  4. Technologies for Mass–Manufacturable Manifolds and Seals for PEM Fuel Cells in Transportation Applications (PDF 361 KB), George Roberts, UTC Power
  5. Development of a Low–Cost MEA3 Process (PDF 404 KB), Dennis Kountz, DuPont Fuel Cells
  6. NIST Fuel Cell Manufacturing Research Project Metrology for Fuel Cell Manufacturing (PDF 1.3 MB), Eric Stanfield, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Manufacturing Posters

  1. Innovative Inkjetting and Spray Deposition for Low–Cost, High–Performance Fuel Cell Catalyst Coated Membrane Manufacturing (PDF 680 KB), Hanwei Lei, Cabot Corp
  2. Novel Manufacturing Process for PEM Fuel Cell Stacks (PDF 690 KB), R. Rezac, Protonex Technology Corp.
  3. Manufacturable Chemical Hydride Fuel System for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems (PDF 1.1 MB), Richard Mohring, Millenium Cell Inc.
  4. Non Destructive Testing Evaluation Methods (PDF 751 KB), Jim Ramirez, ASME Standards Technology LLC.

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