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2010 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Basic Energy Sciences

These presentations and posters from the Basic Energy Sciences session at the Annual Merit Review in June, 2010, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Basic Energy Sciences Presentations

  1. Fluoropolymers, Electrolytes, Composites and Electrodes (PDF 289 KB), Stephen Creager, Clemson University
  2. Ab-initio Screening of Alloys for Hydrogen Purification Membranes (PDF 59 KB), David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. Theory, Modeling, and Simulation of Ion Transport in Ionomer Membranes (PDF 221 KB), Philip Taylor, Case Western Reserve University
  4. The Study of Proton Transport Using Reactive Molecular Dynamics (PDF 148 KB), David Keffer, University of Tennessee
  5. Surface-Directed Fabrication of Integrated Membrane-Electrode Interfaces (PDF 212 KB), Kane Jennings, Vanderbilt University
  6. Activity and Stability of Nanoscale Pt-based Catalysts (PDF 301 KB), Yang Shao-Horn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. Cathode Catalysis in Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cells: Mechanism, New Materials, and Characterization (PDF 382 KB), Andrew Gewirth, University of Illinois
  8. Fundamental Studies of Electrocatalysis for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Catalysts (PDF 658 KB), Nenad Markovic, ANL
  9. Engineering Catalytic Nanoporous Metals for Reactions Important to the Hydrogen Economy (PDF 547 KB), Jonah Erlebacher, Johns Hopkins University
  10. Theoretical Insights Into Active and Durable Oxygen Reduction Catalysts (PDF 249 KB), Matthew Neurock, University of Virginia
  11. An in situ Electrode-Potential-Controlled Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Sulfur-Poisoning Effect on Pt-Based Mono- and Bi-metallic Nanoscale Electrocatalysts (PDF 473 KB), YuYe Tong, Georgetown University
  12. Investigation of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Heteroatom-containing Carbon Nano-structures (PDF 89 KB), Umit Ozkan, Ohio State University
  13. In-Situ Studies of Active Sites and Mechanism for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction on Metal/Oxide Nanocatalysts (PDF 251 KB), Jose Rodriguez, BNL
  14. Bio-Inspired Molecular Catalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation and Hydrogen Production (PDF 197 KB), Morris Bullock, PNNL
  15. Structure/Composition/Function Relationships in Supported Nanoscale Catalysts for Hydrogen (PDF 287 KB), Peter Stair, Northwestern University & ANL
  16. Fundamentals of Hydroxide Conducting Systems for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers (PDF 73 KB), Bryan Pivovar, NREL
  17. Transport Phenomena and Interfacial Kinetics in Planar Microfluidic Membraneless Fuel Cells (PDF 391 KB), Hector Abruna, Cornell University
  18. High Performance Nano-Crystalline Oxide Fuel Cell Materials (PDF 87 KB), Thomas Mason, Northwestern University

Basic Energy Sciences Posters

  1. Nanostructured, metal-modified oxide catalysts for steam reforming of methanol and the water-gas shift reactions (PDF 200 KB), Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Tufts University
  2. Strategies for Probing Nanometer-Scale Electrocatalysts: From Single Particles to Catalyst-Membrane Architectures (PDF 212 KB), Carol Korzeniewski, Texas Tech University
  3. Atomic-scale Design of a New Class of Alloy Catalysts for Reactions Involving Hydrogen: A Theoretical and Experimental Approach (PDF 224 KB), Manos Mavrikakis, University of Wisconsin
  4. Multiscale Tailoring of Highly Active and Stable Nanocomposite Catalysts for the Production of Clean Hydrogen Streams (PDF 318 KB), Gotz Veser, University of Pittsburgh
  5. Metal- and Metal Oxide-Supported Platinum Monolayer Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction (PDF 309 KB), Radoslav Adzic, BNL
  6. Development and Mechanistic Characterization of Alloy Fuel Cell Catalysts (PDF 232 KB), Anders Nilsson, Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
  7. Metal dissolution mechanisms in Pt-based alloys: Ideas for advanced PEM cathode design (PDF 106 KB), Perla Balbuena, Texas A&M University
  8. Mechanism of Proton Transport in Proton Exchange Membranes: Insights from Computer Simulation (PDF 184 KB), Greg Voth, University of Chicago
  9. Porous and Glued Ultrathin Membranes (PDF 227 KB), Stephen Regen, Lehigh University
  10. The Development of Nano-Composite Electrodes for Solid Oxide Electrolyzers (PDF 77 KB), Raymond Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
  11. Charge Transfer, Transport, and Reactivity in Complex Molecular Environments: Theoretical Studies for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative (PDF 140 KB), Michel Dupuis, PNNL
  12. Proton Conduction in Rare-earth Phosphates (PDF 86 KB), Lutgard De Jonghe, LBNL
  13. The Dielectric Response of Hydrated PFSA Membranes - Measurements with Single Post Dielectric Resonators (PDF 505 KB), Stephen Paddison, University of Tennessee

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