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2011 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Market Transformation

These presentations and posters from the Market Transformation session at the Annual Merit Review in May, 2011, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Overview of Market Transformation, Pete Devlin, DOE

Market Transformation Presentations

  1. Assessment of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power System for Greener Commercial Aircraft, Larry Chick, PNNL
  2. PEM Fuel Cell Systems for Commercial Airplane Systems Power, Lennie Klebanoff, SNL
  3. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Material Handling Equipment Demonstration, Todd Ramsden, NREL
  4. Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power Industrial Demonstration, Mike Rinker, PNNL
  5. Economic Analysis of Bulk Hydrogen Storage for Renewable Utility Applications, Susan Schoenung, Longitude 122 West, Inc.
  6. Hydrogen Energy Systems as a Grid Management Tool, Mitch Ewan, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Market Transformation Posters

  1. Green Communities, John Lewis, NREL
  2. Incorporation of Two Ford H2 ICE Buses into the Shuttle Bus Fleet, Bob Glass, LLNL
  3. Landfill Gas - to - Hydrogen, Shannon Baxter-Clemmons, South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance
  4. Fuel Cell Mobile Lighting, Lennie Klebanoff, SNL

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