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DOE H2A Production Analysis

The Hydrogen Analysis (H2A) production models provide transparent reporting of process design assumptions and a consistent cost analysis methodology for the production of hydrogen at central and distributed (forecourt/filling-station) facilities. Required input to the models includes capital and operating costs for the hydrogen production process, fuel type and use, and financial parameters such as the type of financing, plant life, and desired internal rate of return. The models include default values, developed by the H2A team, for many of the input parameters, but users may also enter their own values. The models use a standard discounted cash flow rate of return analysis methodology to determine the hydrogen selling cost for the desired internal rate of return.

Several key technologies were studied by the members of the H2A team with expertise in design and advancement of these technologies. H2A Production case studies were developed for these technologies and are available for download.

Access the H2A Production models and case studies on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's website.