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2011 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Technology Validation

These presentations and posters from the Technology Validation session at the Annual Merit Review in May, 2011, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Overview of Technology Validation, John Garbak, DOE

Technology Validation Presentations

  1. Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Analysis, Keith Wipke, NREL
  2. Hydrogen Vehicle and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation, Gary Stottler, General Motors
  3. Hydrogen to the Highways, Ron Grasman, Daimler
  4. Validation of an Integrated Hydrogen Energy Station, Ed Heydorn, Air Products
  5. Technology Validation: Fuel Cell Bus Evaluations, Leslie Eudy, NREL
  6. California Hydrogen Infrastructure Project, Ed Heydorn, Air Products

Technology Validation Posters

  1. Hawaii Hydrogen Power Park, Richard Rocheleau, Hawaii Natural Energy Inst.
  2. Florida Hydrogen Initiative (FHI), David Block, University of Central Florida
  3. Sustainable Hydrogen Fueling Station, California State University, Los Angeles, David Blekhman, California State University, Los Angeles

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