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2006 Annual Progress Report

V. Fuel Cells

This section of the 2006 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on fuel cells.

Fuel Cells Sub-Program Overview, Valri Lightner, Fuel Cell Team Lead, DOE Hydrogen Program (PDF 169 KB)

A. Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)

  1. Integrated Manufacturing for Advanced Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Emory DeCastro, PEMEAS U.S.A., E-TEK Division (PDF 251 KB)
  2. Advanced MEAs for Enhanced Operating Conditions, Mark Debe, 3M (PDF 892 KB)
  3. Electrocatalyst Supports and Electrode Structures, Mahlon Wilson, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 1.46 MB)

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B. Membranes and MEAs

  1. Poly(p-Phenylene Sulfonic Acid)s with Frozen-in Free Volume for Use in High Temperature Fuel Cells, Morton Litt, Case Western Reserve University (PDF 72 KB)
  2. High-Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membranes, Debbie Myers, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 274 KB)
  3. Enabling Commercial PEM Fuel Cells with Breakthrough Lifetime Improvements, Gonzalo Escobedo, DuPont Fuel Cells (PDF 955 KB)
  4. Development of a Low-Cost, Durable Membrane and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Stationary and Mobile Fuel Cell Application, Michel Foure, Arkema Chemicals (PDF 420 KB)
  5. Development of Polybenzimidazole-Based High Temperature Membrane and Electrode Assemblies for Stationary Applications, Rhonda Staudt, Plug Power, Inc. (PDF 480 KB)
  6. MEA and Stack Durability for PEM Fuel Cells, Mike Hicks, 3M (PDF 797 KB)
  7. Non-NafionĀ® Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Yu Seung Kim, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 313 KB)
  8. Advanced Fuel Cell Membranes Based on Heteropolyacids, John Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 752 KB)
  9. Hydrocarbon Membrane, Christopher Cornelius, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 434 KB)
  10. High Temperature/Low Humidity Polymer Electrolytes Derived from Ionic Liquids, Jim Boncella, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 171 KB)
  11. Poly(cyclohexadiene)-Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications, Jimmy Mays, University of Tennessee (PDF 164 KB)
  12. NanoCapillary Network Proton Conducting Membranes for High Temperature Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells, Peter Pintauro, Case Western Reserve University (PDF 195 KB)
  13. Lead Research and Development Activity for DOE's High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Membrane Program, James Fenton, University of Central Florida (PDF 71 KB)
  14. Protic Salt Polymer Membranes: High-Temperature Water-Free Proton-Conducting Membranes, Dominic Gervasio, Arizona State Univeristy (PDF 426 KB)
  15. Novel Approaches to Immobilized Heteropoly Acid Systems for High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Polymer-Type Membranes, Andrew Herring, Colorado School of Mines (PDF 142 KB)
  16. New Polyelectrolyte Materials for High Temperature Fuel Cells, Membrane-Electrode Assemblies and Enhanced Selectivity, John Kerr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 439 KB)
  17. High Temperature Membrane With Humidification-Independent Cluster Structure, Ludwig Lipp, FuelCell Energy, Inc. (PDF 73 KB)
  18. Design and Development of High-Performance Polymer Fuel Cell Membranes, Joyce Hung, GE Global Research (PDF 232 KB)
  19. Dimensionally Stable High Performance Membrane, Han Liu, Giner Electrochemical Systems (PDF 198 KB)
  20. Fluoroalkylphosphonic-Acid-Based Proton Conductors, Stephen Creager, Clemson University (PDF 164 KB)
  21. Dimensionally Stable High Temperature Membranes, Cortney Mittelsteadt, Giner Electrochemical Systems (PDF 72 KB)
  22. Advanced Materials for Proton Exchange Membranes, James McGrath, Virginia Tech (PDF 82 KB)
  23. Characterization of PEMFC Membrane Durability: Changes in Physical Properties of NafionĀ® Membranes after Chemical Degradation, Robert Moore, University of Southern Mississippi (PDF 509 KB)
  24. New Proton Conductive Composite Materials with Co-Continuous Phases Using Functionalized and Crosslinkable TFE/VDF Fluoropolymers, Serguei Lvov, Pennsylvania State University (PDF 64 KB)

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C. Catalysts

  1. New Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Phil Ross, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 450 KB)
  2. Novel Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for PEMFC: Catalyst Selection through Molecular Modeling and Durability Studies, Branko N. Popov, University of South Carolina (PDF 512 KB)
  3. Low-Platinum Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction at PEMFC Cathodes, Karen Swider-Lyons, Naval Research Laboratory (PDF 471 KB)
  4. Low Pt Loading Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts, Radoslav Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF 607 KB)
  5. Development of High-Performance, Low-Pt Cathodes Containing New Catalysts and Layer Structure, Paolina Atanassova, Superior MicroPowders (PDF 583 KB)
  6. Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts, Xiaoping Wang, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 200 KB)
  7. Non-Platinum Cathode Catalysts, Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 474 KB)
  8. Development of Transition Metal/Chalcogen Based Cathode Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells, Stephen Campbell, Ballard (PDF 485 KB)
  9. Novel Approach to Non-Precious Metal Catalysts, Radoslav Atanasoski, 3M (PDF 1.03 MB)
  10. Tungsten Cathode Catalyst for PEMFC, Joel Christian, OSRAM Sylvania (PDF 614 KB)
  11. Advanced Catalysts for Fuel Cells, S. Narayanan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PDF 1.79 MB)

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D. Bipolar Plates

  1. Scale-up of Carbon/Carbon Composite Bipolar Plates, David Haack, Porvair Advanced Materials, Inc. (PDF 659 KB)
  2. Cost-Effective Surface Modification for Metallic Bipolar Plates, Mike Brady, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 336 KB)
  3. Development of Low-Cost, Clad Metal Bipolar Plates for PEM Fuel Cells, Scott Weil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 573 KB)
  4. Corrosion Protection of Metallic Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells, John Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 764 KB)
  5. Economical High Performance Thermoplastic Composite Bipolar Plates (Small Business Technology Transfer Project), Michael Bortner, Nanosonic, Inc. (PDF 166 KB)

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E. Recycling

  1. Platinum Recycling Technology Development, Stephen Grot, Ion Power, Inc. (PDF 269 KB)
  2. Platinum Group Metal Recycling Technology Development, Larry Shore, Engelhard (PDF 269 KB)

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F. Stationary Power Systems

  1. Back-up/Peak-Shaving Fuel Cell Systems, Bill Ernst, Plug Power, Inc. (PDF 95 KB)
  2. Economic and Marketing Analysis of Stationary and Near-Term Markets for PEM Fuel Cell Systems, Harry J. Stone, Battelle (PDF 188 KB)
  3. Residential Fuel Cell Demonstration by the Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Inc., Mark Schneider, Delaware County Electric Co-Op (PDF 261 KB)
  4. Smart Energy Management of Multiple Fuel Cell Powered Applications, Mohammad Alam, University of South Alabama (PDF 111 KB)
  5. Cost-Effective, High-Efficiency, Advanced Reforming Module, Tom Holmes, Nuvera Fuel Cells (PDF 486 KB)

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G. Analysis/Characterization

  1. Fuel Cell Systems Analysis, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 723 KB)
  2. Neutron Imaging Study of the Water Transport in Operating Fuel Cells, Muhammad Arif, National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF 261 KB)
  3. Microstructural Characterization of PEM Fuel Cell MEAs, Karren More, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 2.04 MB)
  4. PEM Fuel Cell Durability, Rodney Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 896 KB)
  5. Component Benchmarking Subtask Reported: Single Cell Testing Second Round Update and Technical Assistance to Industrial and University Partners, Tommy Rockward, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 185 KB)
  6. Applied Science for Performance, Cost and Durability, Bryan Pivovar, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 431 KB)
  7. Fuel Cell Testing, Ira Bloom, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 355 KB)
  8. Investigation Failure in Polymer-Electrolyte Fuel Cells, John Newman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 365 KB)
  9. Cost Analyses of Fuel Cell Stack/Systems, Eric Carlson, TIAX LLC (PDF 216 KB)
  10. Effect of Fuel and Air Impurities on PEM Fuel Cell Performance, Fernando Garzon, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 666 KB)
  11. PEM Fuel Cell Freeze Durability and Cold Start Project, Tim Patterson, UTC Fuel Cells, Inc. (PDF 387 KB)
  12. Sub-Freezing Start-up of a Fuel Cell, Dennis Papadias, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 772 KB)
  13. Impurity Effects on Membrane-Electrode Assembly Components, Debbie Myers, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 172 KB)
  14. Electrode Stability, Xiaoping Wang, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 244 KB)
  15. Mass Production Cost Estimation for Direct H2 PEM Fuel Cell System for Automotive Applications, Brian James, DTI (PDF 69 KB)
  16. Development of a 5 kW Prototype Coal-Based Fuel Cell, Steven Chuang, University of Akron (PDF 68 KB)
  17. Sub-Freezing Fuel Cell Effects, Rangachary Mukundan, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 928 KB)

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H. Cross-Cutting

  1. Center for Intelligent Fuel Cell Materials Design, Pasco Santurri, Chemsultants International (PDF 71 KB)
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Hydrogen Energy Systems, Chuck Ryan, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (PDF 104 KB)
  3. Developing Improved Materials to Support the Hydrogen Economy, Michael Martin, EMTEC (PDF 355 KB)

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