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2006 Annual Merit Review Proceedings


These presentations from the plenary session at the Annual Merit Review May 16-19, 2006 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. View the transcript (PDF 251 KB) of the plenary session.

  1. Hydrogen Storage (PDF 981 KB), Sunita Satyapal, DOE
  2. Fuel Cell R&D (PDF 744 KB), Valri Lightner, DOE
  3. Hydrogen from Coal Program Overview and Accomplishments (PDF 429 KB), Lowell Miller, DOE
  4. Nuclear-Based Hydrogen R&D (PDF 325 KB), Carl Sink and Amy Taylor, DOE
  5. Hydrogen Production R&D (PDF 439 KB), Patrick Davis, DOE
  6. Hydrogen Delivery (PDF 212 KB), Mark Paster, DOE
  7. Fossil Energy Sequestration Program (PDF 1.2 MB), Sean Plasynski, DOE
  8. FutureGen: The Energy Plant of the Future (PDF 953 KB), Joseph Giove III, DOE
  9. Update on European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell RTD&D Programmes (PDF 1.9 MB), William Borthwick, European Commission

To locate posters and presentations from other meeting sessions, go to the main page of the 2006 Annual Merit Review Proceedings.