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2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Systems Analysis

These presentations and posters from the Hydrogen Systems Analysis session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2008 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Systems Analysis Sub–Program Overview (PDF 847 KB), Fred Josek, U.S. Department of Energy

Systems Analysis Presentations

  1. Modeling the Transition to Hydrogen (PDF 479 KB), David L. Greene and Paul N. Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  2. Fuel–Cycle Analysis of Hydrogen–Powered Fuel–Cell Systems with the GREET Model (PDF 274 KB), Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
  3. Macro–System Model (PDF 932 KB), Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Analysis of Hydrogen Production and Delivery Infrastructure as a Complex Adaptive System (PDF 469 KB), George S. Tolley, RCF Economic and Financial Consulting, Inc.
  5. Updates to the H2A Hydrogen Production Discounted Cash Flow Model (H2A version 2.0) (PDF 299 KB), Darlene M Steward, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  6. H2–W The Producers Value of Water in a Hydrogen Economy (PDF 447 KB), Richard G. White and Noah C. Goldstein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  7. HyDRA: Hydrogen Demand and Resource Analysis Tool (PDF 1.6 MB), Witt Sparks, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  8. Lessons Learned for Fueling Infrastructure (PDF 716 KB), Marc Melaina, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  9. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Analysis: Lessons Learned from Stationary Power Generation (PDF 390 KB), Faith Dogan, University of Missouri–Rolla
  10. Hydrogen Quality Issues for Fuel Cell Vehicles (PDF 657 KB), Romesh Kumar, Argonne National Laboratory
  11. Update on Platinum Availability and Assessment of Platinum Leasing Strategies for Fuel Cell Vehicles (PDF 386 KB), Matt Kromer, TIAX LLC
  12. Evaluation of the Potential Environmental Impacts from Large–Scale Use and Production of Hydrogen in Energy and Transportation Applications (PDF 1.3 MB), Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois–Urbana–Champaign
  13. Potential Environmental Impacts of Hydrogen–Based Transportation and Power Systems (PDF 651 KB), Thomas Grieb, Tetra Tech, Inc.
  14. Discrete Choice Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Refueling Availability (PDF 2.6 MB), Mark Melaina, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Systems Analysis Posters

  1. Adapting the H2A Hydrogen Production Cost Analysis Model to Stationary Applications (PDF 1.5 MB), Michael Penev, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. DOE Hydrogen Program Risk Analysis in Support of EERE’s Portfolio Analysis (PDF 1.0 MB), Mike Duffy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  3. Analysis Of Energy Infrastructures And Potential Impacts From An Emergent Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure (PDF 586 KB), Anthony McDaniel, Sandia National Laboratories

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