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2013 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Safety, Codes and Standards

View presentations from the Safety, Codes and Standards session at the Annual Merit Review in May 2013.

Safety, Codes and Standards Session Introduction, Nha Nguyen, on assignment from the U.S. Department of Transportation

Safety, Codes and Standards Presentations

  1. National Codes and Standards Deployment and Outreach , Carl Rivkin, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. Component Standard Research & Development, Robert Burgess, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  3. Hydrogen Safety, Codes and Standards: Sensors, Eric Brosha, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  4. R&D for Safety, Codes and Standards: Materials and Components Compatibility, Aaron Harris, Sandia National Laboratories
  5. Hydrogen Fuel Quality, Tommy Rockward, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  6. R&D for Safety Codes and Standards: SCS Project Overview – Hydrogen Behavior, Aaron Harris, Sandia National Laboratories
  7. R&D for Safety Codes and Standards: SCS Project Overview – Risk, Aaron Harris, Sandia National Laboratories
  8. Hydrogen Emergency Response Training for First Responders, Monte Elmore, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  9. Hydrogen Safety Panel and Hydrogen Safety Knowledge Tools, Nick Barilo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  10. International Program for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells in the Economy – Regulations Codes and Standards Working Group, Jay Keller, U.S. Department of Energy Consultant
  11. NREL Hydrogen Sensor Testing Laboratory, Bill Buttner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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