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2004 Annual Progress Report

II. Hydrogen Production and Delivery

Production and Delivery Sub-Program Review, Pete Devlin, DOE (PDF 220 KB)

A. Distributed Production Technologies

  1. Ceramic Membrane Reactor Systems for Converting Natural Gas to Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas (ITM Syngas), Christopher Chen, Air Products (PDF 316 KB)
  2. Integrated Ceramic Membrane System for Hydrogen Production, Joseph Schwartz, Praxair (PDF 421 KB)
  3. Low Cost Hydrogen Production Platform, Tim Aaron, Praxair (PDF 500 KB)
  4. Autothermal Cyclic Reforming Based Hydrogen Generating and Dispensing System, Ravi Kumar, GE Energy (PDF 511 KB)
  5. Novel Catalytic Fuel Reforming, Patricia Irving, InnovaTek (PDF 484 KB)
  6. Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactor Studies, Richard Killmeyer, NETL (PDF 365 KB)
  7. Hydrogen Production from Biomass Reformation, David King, PNNL (PDF 441 KB)

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B. Separations

  1. Defect-Free Thin Film Membranes for H2 Separation and Isolation, Tina Nenoff, SNL (PDF 472 KB)
  2. Inorganic Membrane Porous Support Tube Fabrication, Brian Bischoff, ORNL (PDF 234 KB)
  3. Pyrochlore/Perovskite Ion Transport Membrane Development, Andrew Payzant, ORNL (PDF 260 KB)
  4. A Photopolymerization/Pyrolysis Route to Microstructured Membranes, Kathryn Berchtold, LANL (PDF 239 KB)

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C. Biomass Gasification/Pyrolysis

  1. Hydrogen from Biomass: Catalytic Reforming of Pyrolysis Vapors, Bob Evans, NREL (PDF 310 KB)
  2. Startech Hydrogen Production (New Project), David Lynch, Startech Environmental Corporation (PDF 201 KB)

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D. Photobiological Production

  1. Maximizing Photosynthetic Efficiencies and Hydrogen Production in Microalgal Cultures, Tasios Melis, UC Berkeley (PDF 332 KB)
  2. Biological Systems for Hydrogen Photoproduction, Maria Ghirardi, NREL (PDF 333 KB)
  3. Algal H2 Production Systems: Creation of Designer Alga for Efficient and Robust Production of H2, James Lee, ORNL (PDF 637 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Reactor Development and Design for Photofermentation and Photolytic Processes, Dan Blake, NREL (PDF 587 KB)

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E. Photoelectrochemical Production

  1. Photoelectrochemical Systems for H2 Production, John Turner, NREL (PDF 273 KB)
  2. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production Program, Eric Miller, University of Hawaii (PDF 374 KB)
  3. Discovery of Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production, Brent MacQueen, SRI International (PDF 1 MB)
  4. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production Using New Combinatorial Chemistry Derived Materials, Eric McFarland, U of California Santa Barbara (PDF 806 KB)

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F. Electrolysis

  1. High Temperature Solid Oxide Electrolyzer System, Steve Herring, INEEL (PDF 510 KB)
  2. Renewable Electrolysis Integrated System Development and Testing, Carolyn Elam, NREL (PDF 318 KB)
  3. Alkaline, High Pressure Electrolysis, Steve Cohen, Teledyne (PDF 220 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Production - Increasing the Efficiency of Water Electrolysis, David Ingersoll, SNL (PDF 206 KB)
  5. Low-Cost, High-Pressure Hydrogen Generator, Cecelia Cropley, Giner Electrochemical (PDF 321 KB)
  6. Hydrogen Generation from Electrolysis, Stephen Porter, Proton Energy Systems (PDF 219 KB)

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G. High-Temperature Thermochemical Processes

  1. High Efficiency Generation of Hydrogen Using Solar Thermochemical Splitting of Water, Bob Perret, Univ. of Nevada (PDF 420 KB)

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H. Hydrogen Delivery

  1. Hydride Based Hydrogen Compression, David DaCosta, Ergenic (PDF 439 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Permeability and Integrity of Hydrogen Transfer Pipelines, Sudarsanam Babu, ORNL (PDF 336 KB)

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I. Analysis

  1. Moving Toward Consistent Analysis in the HFC&IT Program: H2A, Maggie Mann, NREL (PDF 382 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Transition Modeling and Analysis: HYTRANS v. 1.0, David Greene, ORNL (PDF 224 KB)
  3. WinDS-H2 Model and Analysis, Walter Short, NREL (PDF 237 KB)
  4. Technical and Economic Studies of Regional Transition Strategies toward Widespread Use of Hydrogen Energy, Joan Ogden, UC Davis (PDF 537 KB)
  5. Hydrogen Production in a Greenhouse Gas Constrained Situation, Sivan Kartha, Tellus (PDF 676 KB)
  6. Fuel Choice for Fuel Cell Vehicles: Hydrogen Infrastructure Costs, Stephen Lasher, TIAX (PDF 324 KB)

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