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2010 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Safety Codes and Standards

These presentations and posters from the Safety Codes and Standards session at the Annual Merit Review in June, 2010, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Safety, Codes and Standards (presentation introduction), Antonio Ruiz, DOE

Safety Codes and Standards Presentations

  1. National Codes and Standards Template, Carl Rivkin, NREL
  2. Component Standard Research and Development, Robert Burgess, NREL
  3. Codes and Standards Training and Outreach and Education for Emerging Fuel Cell Technologies, Carl Rivkin, NREL
  4. Hydrogen Safety Sensors, Eric Brosha, LANL
  5. Materials and Components Compatibility, Brian Somerday, SNL
  6. Hydrogen Safety Knowledge Tools, Linda Fassbender, PNNL
  7. Hydrogen Fuel Quality, Tommy Rockward, LANL
  8. Hydrogen Safety Panel, Steven Weiner, PNNL
  9. Hydrogen Release Behavior, William Houf, SNL
  10. Risk-Informed Separation Distances for H2 Facilities, Jay Keller, SNL
  11. International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task 19 Hydrogen Safety, William Hoagland, PNNL
  12. Safe Detector System for Hydrogen Leaks, Robert Lieberman, Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
  13. Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders, Linda Fassbender, PNNL
  14. Hydrogen Safety Training for Researchers, Salvador Aceves, LLNL

Safety Codes and Standards Posters

  1. Optically Read MEMS Hydrogen Sensor, Barton Smith, ORNL

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