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2006 Annual Progress Report

IV. Storage

This section of the 2006 Progress Report for the DOE Hydrogen Program focuses on storage.

Hydrogen Storage Sub-Program Overview, Sunita Satyapal, Storage Team Lead, DOE Hydrogen Program (PDF 298 KB)

A. Metal Hydrides

  1. High Density Hydrogen Storage System Demonstration Using NaAlH4 Based Complex Compound Hydrides, Dan Mosher, United Technologies Research Center (PDF 763 KB)
  2. Discovery of Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage through Molecular Modeling and Combinatorial Methods, David Lesch, UOP LLC (PDF 780 KB)
  3. Complex Hydride Compounds with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Capacity, Dan Mosher, United Technologies Research Center (PDF 678 KB)
  4. DOE Metal Hydride Center of Excellence, Lennie Klebanoff, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 549 KB)
    1. Synthesis and Properties of Aluminum Hydride as a Hydrogen Storage Material, Jason Graetz, Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF 535 KB)
    2. Synthesis of Nanophase Materials for Thermodynamically Tuned Reversible Hydrogen Storage, Channing Ahn, California Institute of Technology (PDF 1.32 MB)
    3. Lightweight Intermetallics for Hydrogen Storage, J. C. Zhao, GE Global Research (PDF 1.34 MB)
    4. Thermodynamically Tuned Nanophase Materials, Greg Olson, Hughes Research Labs (PDF 588 KB)
    5. High Throughput Combinatorial Chemistry Development of Complex Metal Hydrides, Xiao-Dong Xiang, Intematix Corporation (PDF 224 KB)
    6. Development and Evaluation of Advanced Hydride Systems for Reversible Hydrogen Storage, Robert Bowman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PDF 429 KB)
    7. Neutron Scattering Characterization and Thermodynamic Modeling of Advanced Metal Hydrides for Reversible Hydrogen Storage, Terry Udovic, National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF 862 KB)
    8. Novel Synthetic Approaches for the Preparation of Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage, Gilbert Brown, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 77 KB)
    9. First-Principles Modeling of Hydrogen Storage in Metal Hydride Systems, Karl Johnson, University of Pittsburgh (PDF 415 KB)
    10. Development of Metal Hydrides at Sandia National Laboratories, Lennie Klebanoff, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 1.17 MB)
    11. Development of Reversible Hydrogen Storage Alane, Don Anton, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 236 KB)
    12. Thermodynamically Tuned Nanophase Materials for Reversible Hydrogen Storage: Structure and Kinetics of Nanoparticle and Model System Materials, Bruce Clemens, Stanford University (PDF 455 KB)
    13. Fundamental Studies of Advanced High-Capacity, Reversible Metal Hydrides, Craig Jensen, University of Hawaii (PDF 315 KB)
    14. Reversible Hydrogen Storage Materials — Structure, Chemistry and Electronic Structure, Ian Robertson, University of Illinois (PDF 718 KB)
    15. Effect of Gaseous Impurities on Long-Term Thermal Cycling and Aging Properties of Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage, Dhanesh Chandra, University of Nevada - Reno (PDF 584 KB)
    16. Synthesis and Discovery of Nanocrystalline Reversible Hydrides by Vapor Phase Reactions, Zak Fang, University of Utah (PDF 428 KB)
  5. Effects and Mechanisms of Mechanical Activation on Hydrogen Sorption/Desorption of Nanoscale Lithium Nitrides, Leon Shaw, University of Connecticut (PDF 391 KB)
  6. Advanced Hydrogen Storage Materials Development, Ragaiy Zidan, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 323 KB)

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B. Chemical Storage

  1. Process for Regeneration of Sodium Borate to Sodium Borohydride for Use as a Hydrogen Storage Source, Ying Wu, Millennium Cell (PDF 690 KB)
  2. Chemical Hydride Slurry for Hydrogen Production and Storage, Andy McClaine, Safe Hydrogen (PDF 411 KB)
  3. Design and Development of New Carbon-Based Sorbent Systems for an Effective Containment of Hydrogen, Alan Cooper, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 846 KB)
  4. DOE Chemical Hydrogen Storage Center of Excellence, Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 477 KB)
    1. Chemical Hydrogen Storage Research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 348 KB)
    2. PNNL Progress within the DOE Center of Excellence for Chemical Hydrogen Storage, Chris Aardahl, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 404 KB)
    3. Novel Approaches to Hydrogen Storage: Conversion of Borates to Boron Hydrides, Susan Linehan, Rohm and Haas Company (PDF 536 KB)
    4. Development of an Advanced Chemical Hydrogen Storage and Generation System, Ying Wu, Millennium Cell (PDF 1.59 MB)
    5. Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Systems, Digby Macdonald, Pennsylvania State University (PDF 349 KB)
    6. Chemical Hydrogen Storage Using Polyhedral Borane Anion Salts, Fred Hawthorne, University of California, Los Angeles (PDF 91 KB)
    7. New Methods for Promoting Amineborane Dehydrogenation/Regeneration Reactions, Larry Sneddon, University of Pennsylvania (PDF 358 KB)
    8. Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of B-N Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation, Karen Goldberg, University of Washington (PDF 148 KB)
    9. Rapid Throughput Catalyst Synthesis and Testing for Chemical Hydrogen Storage, Xiao-Dong Xiang, Intematix Corporation (PDF 363 KB)
    10. Safety Analysis and Applied Research on the Use of Borane-Amines for Hydrogen Storage, Clinton Lane, Northern Arizona University (PDF 77 KB)
    11. Main Group Element and Organic Chemistry for Hydrogen Storage and Activation, Anthony Arduengo, University of Alabama (PDF 205 KB)
    12. Chemical Hydrogen Storage Using Ultra-High Surface Area Main Group Materials, Philip Power, University of California, Davis (PDF 341 KB)
  5. Development of Regenerable High Capacity Boron Nitrogen Hydrides as Hydrogen Storage Materials, Ashok Damle, RTI International (PDF 208 KB)

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C. Carbon Materials

  1. DOE Carbon-Based Hydrogen Storage Center of Excellence, Mike Heben, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 919 KB)
    1. Designing Microporous Carbons for Hydrogen Storage Systems, Alan Cooper, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 550 KB)
    2. Enhanced Hydrogen Dipole Physisorption, Channing Ahn, California Institute of Technology (PDF 334 KB)
    3. Controlling the Diameter of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Hydrogen Storage, Jie Liu, Duke University (PDF 283 KB)
    4. Metal-Doped Carbon Aerogels for Hydrogen Storage, Theodore Baumann, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PDF 149 KB)
    5. Neutron Scattering Characterization of Carbon-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials, Dan Neumann, National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF 305 KB)
    6. Research and Coordination Activities within the DOE Center of Excellence on Carbon-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials, Mike Heben, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 962 KB)
    7. Synthesis and Processing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorns for Hydrogen Storage and Catalyst Supports, David Geohegan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 501 KB)
    8. Advanced Boron and Metal-Loaded High Porosity Carbons, Peter Eklund, Pennsylvania State University (PDF 761 KB)
    9. Cloning Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes for Hydrogen Storage, Jim Tour, Rice University (PDF 359 KB)
    10. Optimization of SWNT Production and Theoretical Models of H2-SWNT Systems for Hydrogen Storage, Boris Yakobson, Rice University (PDF 521 KB)
    11. Hydrogen Storage in Graphite Nanofibers and the Spillover Mechanism, Ralph Yang, University of Michigan (PDF 216 KB)
    12. Characterization of Hydrogen Adsorption in Carbon-Based Materials by NMR, Yue Wu, University of North Carolina (PDF 568 KB)
    13. Conducting Polymers as New Materials for Hydrogen Storage, Alan MacDiarmid, University of Pennsylvania (PDF 183 KB)
  2. Electron-Charged Graphite-Based Hydrogen Storage Material, Chinbay Fan, GTI (PDF 569 KB)
  3. Nanostructured Activated Carbon for Hydrogen Storage, Israel Cabasso, State University of New York at Syracuse (PDF 407 KB)
  4. Carbide-Derived Carbons with Tunable Porosity Optimized for Hydrogen Storage, John Fischer, University of Pennsylvania (PDF 483 KB)

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D. New Materials and Concepts

  1. A Synergistic Approach to the Development of Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage, Jeffrey Long, University of California, Berkeley (PDF 445 KB)
  2. Hydrogen Storage Materials with Binding Intermediate between Physisorption and Chemisorption, Juergen Eckert, University of California, Santa Barbara (PDF 1.43 MB)
  3. Hydrogen Storage in MOFs, Omar Yaghi, University of California, Los Angeles (PDF 368 KB)
  4. Glass Microspheres for Hydrogen Storage, James Shelby, Alfred University (PDF 273 KB)

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E. Compressed/Liquid Tanks

  1. Low Cost, High Efficiency, High Pressure Hydrogen Storage, Wally Dubno, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc (PDF 428 KB)
  2. Advanced Concepts for Containment of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Storage Materials, Salvador Aceves, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PDF 361 KB)

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F. Testing and Analysis

  1. National Testing Laboratory for Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Technologies, Michael Miller, Southwest Research Institute (PDF 1.14 MB)
  2. Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Systems, Stephen Lasher, TIAX LLC (PDF 1.36 MB)
  3. System Level Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Options, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 617 KB)

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G. Cross-Cutting

  1. Clean Energy Research, Ralph White, University of South Carolina (PDF 965 KB)
  2. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research - 2006 Annual Report, Lee Stefanakos, University of South Florida (PDF 557 KB)
  3. A Cassette-Based System for Hydrogen Storage and Delivery, Wayne Britton, FuelSell Technologies (FST) Energy (PDF 87 KB)
  4. Fundamental Research for Optimization of Hydrogen Storage and Utilization, Bob Perret, UNLV Research Foundation (PDF 195 KB)
  5. Purdue Hydrogen Technology Program, Jay Gore, Purdue University (PDF 82 KB)
  6. Center for Hydrogen Storage Research at Delaware State University, Andrew Goudy, Delaware State University (PDF 58 KB)
  7. An Integrated Approach for Hydrogen Production and Storage in Complex Hydrides of Transitional Elements, Malay Mazumder, University of Arkansas (PDF 69 KB)

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H. Fossil Energy

  1. Microporous Metal Organic Materials for Hydrogen Storage, S. G. Sankar, Advanced Materials Corporation (PDF 59 KB)

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I. Basic Energy Sciences

  1. Chemical Hydrogen Storage in Ionic Liquid Media, Larry Sneddon, University of Pennsylvania (PDF 289 KB)
  2. Basic Research for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative: Control of Hydrogen Release and Uptake in Condensed Phases, Tom Autrey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 549 KB)
  3. From Fundamental Understanding to Predicting New Nanomaterials for High Capacity Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell Technologies, John Fischer, University of Pennsylvania (PDF 899 KB)
  4. Metal-Organic Frameworks for Highly Selective Separations, Omar Yaghi, University of California, Los Angeles (PDF 564 KB)
  5. Addressing Grand Challenges Through Advanced Materials, Mildred Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF 519 KB)
  6. Atomistic Transport Mechanisms in Revisible Complex Metal Hydrides, Peter Sutter, Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF 711 KB)
  7. In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials, William Yelon, University of Missouri-Rolla (PDF 487 KB)
  8. In Situ NMR Studies of Hydrogen Storage Systems, Mark Conradi, Washington University (PDF 257 KB)
  9. High Throughput Screening of Nanostructured Hydrogen Storage Materials, Gang Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF 556 KB)
  10. Complex Hydrides - A New Frontier for Future Energy Applications, Vitalij Pecharsky, Iowa State University (PDF 824 KB)
  11. Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Novel Binary Clathrate Hydrates at Near-Ambient Temperatures and Pressures, Dendy Sloan, Colorado School of Mines (PDF 345 KB)
  12. Atomistic Mechanisms of Metal-Assisted Hydrogen Storage in Nanostructured Carbon, Nidia Gallego, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 568 KB)
  13. A Synergistic Approach to the Development of New Classes of Hydrogen Storage Materials, Jeffrey Long, University of California, Berkeley (PDF 245 KB)
  14. Elucidation of Hydrogen Interaction Mechanisms With Metal-Doped Carbon Nanostructures, Ragaiy Zidan, Savannah River National Laboratory (PDF 445 KB)
  15. Characterization of Carbon Nanostructures in Pd Containing Activated Carbon Fibers Using Aberration-Corrected STEM, Stephen Pennycook, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 493 KB)
  16. Theoretical Investigation of the Energetics of Hydrogen Interaction with Graphene Layers: The Effect of Interlayer Spacing on Hydrogen Storage, Chong-Long Fu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 266 KB)
  17. Neutron Scattering Aided Studies of the Design, Synthesis, and Thermodynamics of Molecular Hydrogen Adsorption Materials, Michael Hu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 553 KB)
  18. First-Principles Studies of Phase Stability and Reaction Dynamics in Complex Metal Hydrides, Mei-Yin Chou, Georgia Institute of Technology (PDF 183 KB)
  19. Crystal and Electronic Structures of LiNH2 and Related Compounds, William Yelon, University of Missouri-Rolla (PDF 364 KB)
  20. Understanding the Role (and Controlling the Behavior) of Transition Metal Dopants in NaAlH4 Systems, Tabbetha Dobbins, Louisiana Tech University (PDF 438 KB)
  21. Integrated Nanoscale Metal Hydride - Catalyst Architectures for Hydrogen Storage, Yiping Zhao, University of Georgia (PDF 435 KB)
  22. The Molecular Design Basis for Hydrogen Storage in Clathrate Hydrates, Vijay John, Tulane University (PDF 188 KB)
  23. First Principles Based Simulation of Hydrogen Interactions in Complex Hydrides, Qingfeng Ge, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (PDF 501 KB)
  24. Dehydrogenation of Boron-Nanoclusters, Michael Trenary, University of Illinois at Chicago (PDF 355 KB)
  25. NMR Studies of Metal-Hydrides: MgScHx, Mark Conradi, Washington University (PDF 291 KB)

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J. Independent Projects

  1. Hydrogen Absorption in Gamma Irradiated Carbon and Other Materials, Luis Muga, TOFTEC, Inc. (PDF 64 KB)

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