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2006 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Basic Energy Sciences/Storage

These presentations and posters from the basic energy sciences session at the Annual Merit Review May 16-19, 2006 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

These projects, which are funded by the DOE Office of Science's Basic Energy Sciences as part of the Basic Research Needs for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, were not reviewed as part of the Annual Merit Review.

Basic Energy Sciences/Storage Presentations

  1. Basic Energy Sciences
  2. Ionic Liquids
  3. Metal Hydrides
  4. New Materials and Concepts

A. Basic Energy Sciences

  1. Addressing Grand Challenges Through Advanced Materials, Millie Dresselhaus, MIT
  2. Atomistic Transport Mechanisms in Reversible Complex Metal Hydrides, Peter Sutter, BNL
  3. In-Situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials, William Yelon, University of Missouri
  4. In-Situ NMR Studies of Hydrogen Storage Systems, Mark Conradi, WUSTL
  5. High Throughput Screening of Nanostructured Hydrogen Storage Materials, Gang Chen, MIT
  6. Complex Hydrides—A New Frontier for Future Energy Applications, Vitalij Pecharsky, Ames
  7. Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Novel Binary Clathrate Hydrates at Near-Ambient Temperatures and Pressures, Dendy Sloan, Colorado School of Mines
  8. Atomistic Mechanisms of Metal-Assisted Hydrogen Storage in Nanostructured Carbon, Nidia Gallego, ORNL
  9. A Synergistic Approach to the Development of New Classes of Hydrogen Storage Materials, Jeff Long, LBNL

B. Ionic Liquids

  1. Chemical Hydrogen Storage in Ionic Liquid Media, Larry Sneddon, University of Pennsylvania

C. Metal Hydrides

  1. Control of Hydrogen Release and Uptake in Condensed Phases, Tom Autrey, PNNL

D. New Materials and Concepts

  1. From Fundamental Understanding to Predicting New Nanomaterials for High Capacity Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell Technologies, Taner Yildirim, NIST
  2. Metal-Organic Frameworks for Highly Selective Separations, Omar Yaghi, UCLA

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Basic Energy Sciences/Storage Posters

  1. Elucidation of Hydrogen Interaction Mechanisms with Metal-Doped Carbon Nanostructures, Ragaiy Zidan, Savannah River National Laboratory
  2. Characterization of Carbon Nanostructures in Pd Containing, Nidia Gallego, ORNL
  3. Theoretical Investigation of the Energetics of Hydrogen, Rachel Aga, ORNL
  4. Neutron Scattering Aided Studies of the Design, Synthesis and Thermodynamics of Molecular Hydrogen Adsorption Materials, John Larese, ORNL
  5. First-Principles Studies of Phase Stability and Reaction Dynamics in Complex Metal Hydrides, Mei-Yin Chou, Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. Crystal and Electronic Structures of LiNH2 and Related Compounds, W. B. Yelon, University of Missouri-Rolla
  7. Understanding the Role (and Controlling the Behavior) of Transition Metal Dopants in NaAIH4 Systems, Tabbetha Dobbins, Louisiana Tech University
  8. Integrated Nanoscale Metal Hydride-Catalyst Architectures for Hydrogen Storage, Yi-Ping Zhao, University of Georgia
  9. The Molecular Design Basis for Hydrogen Storage in Clathrate Hydrates, Vijay John, Tulane University
  10. First Principles Based Simulation of Hydrogen Interactions in Complex Hydrides, Qingfeng Ge, Southern Illinois University
  11. Dehydrogenation of Boron-Nanoclusters, Michael Trenary, University of Illinois
  12. NMR Studies of Metal Hydrides: MgScHx, Mark Conradi, WUSTL

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