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2011 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Hydrogen Production and Delivery

These presentations and posters from the Hydrogen Production and Delivery session at the Annual Merit Review in May 2011, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Overview of Hydrogen Delivery, Scott Weil, DOE
Overview of Hydrogen Production, Eric Miller, DOE

Hydrogen Production and Delivery Presentations

  1. Distributed Bio-Derived Liquids Production
  2. Separations
  3. Biomass Gasification
  4. Hydrogen Delivery
  5. Electrolysis
  6. Biological
  7. High-Temperature Thermochemical
  8. Photoelectrochemical
  9. Hydrogen from Coal

A. Distributed Bio-Derived Liquids Production

  1. Biomass-Derived Liquids Distributed (Aqueous Phase) Reforming, David King, PNNL
  2. Distributed Bio-Oil Reforming, Stefan Czernik, NREL

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B. Separations

  1. Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Water-Gas-Shift Reaction for Hydrogen Production, Jerry Y.S. Lin, Arizona State University

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C. Biomass Gasification

  1. A Novel Slurry Based Biomass Reforming Process, Sean Emerson, UTRC
  2. One Step Biomass Gas Reforming-Shift Separation Membrane Reactor, Mike Roberts, Gas Technology Institute

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D. Hydrogen Delivery

  1. Hydrogen Embrittlement of Structural Steels, Brian Somerday, SNL
  2. Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Analysis, Marianne Mintz, ANL
  3. Vessel Design and Fabrication Technology for Stationary High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage, Wei Zhang, ORNL
  4. Hydrogen Delivery Analysis, Olga Sozinova, NREL
  5. Inexpensive Delivery of Cold Hydrogen in Glass Fiber Composite Pressure Vessels, Andrew Weisberg, LLNL
  6. Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipelines, Thad Adams, SRNL
  7. Development of High Pressure Hydrogen Storage Tank for Storage and Gaseous Truck Delivery, Don Baldwin, Lincoln Composites
  8. Development of a Centrifugal Hydrogen Pipeline Gas Compressor, Frank Di Bella, Concepts NREC
  9. Oil-Free Centrifugal Hydrogen Compression Technology Demonstration, Hooshang Heshmat, Mohawk Innovative Technology
  10. Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor, Ludwig Lipp, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

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E. Electrolysis

  1. PEM Electrolyzer Incorporating an Advanced Low Cost Membrane, Monjid Hamdan, Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC
  2. High Performance, Low Cost Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Energy, Katherine Ayers, Proton Energy Systems
  3. High-Capacity, High Pressure Electrolysis System with Renewable Power Sources, Paul Dunn, Avalence LLC
  4. Renewable Electrolysis Integrated System Development and Testing, Kevin Harrison, NREL

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F. Biological

  1. Biological Systems for Hydrogen Photoproduction, Maria Ghirardi, NREL
  2. Fermentation and Electrohydrogenic Approaches to Hydrogen Production, Pin-Ching Maness, NREL
  3. Hydrogen from Water in a Novel Recombinant Oxygen-Tolerant Cyanobacterial System, Phil Weyman, J Craig Venter Institute
  4. Maximizing Light Utilization Efficiency and Hydrogen Production in Microalgal Cultures, Tasios Melis, University of California- Berkeley

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G. High-Temperature Thermochemical

  1. Solar High-Temperature Water Splitting Cycle with Quantum Boost, Robin Taylor, SAIC
  2. Membrane/Electrolyzer Development in the Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle, Michelle Lewis, ANL
  3. Solar Hydrogen Production with a Metal Oxide Based Thermochemical Cycle, Nathan Siegel, SNL
  4. Solar-Thermal ALD Ferrite-Based Water Splitting Cycles, Al Weimer, University of Colorado

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H. Photoelectrochemical

  1. Nano-Architectures for 3rd Generation PEC Devices: A Study of MoS2, Fundamental Investigations and Applied Research, Thomas Jaramillo, Stanford University/NREL
  2. Semiconductor Materials for Photoelectrolysis, John Turner, NREL
  3. Characterization and Optimization of Photoelectrode Surfaces for Solar-to-Chemical Fuel Conversion, Tadashi Ogitsu, LLNL/NREL
  4. Characterization of Materials for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production (PEC), Clemens Heske, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  5. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production, Arun Madan, MVSystems/HNEI

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I. Hydrogen from Coal

  1. Advanced Hydrogen Transport Membranes for Coal Gasification, Joseph Schwartz, Praxair
  2. Development of Robust Hydrogen Separation Membranes, Bryan Morreale, NETL-Office of Research and Development
  3. Scale-Up of Hydrogen Transport Membranes for IGCC and FutureGen Plants, Carl Evenson, Eltron Research & Development Inc.
  4. Advanced Palladium Membrane Scale-up for Hydrogen Separation, Sean Emerson, UTRC
  5. Composite Pd and Alloy Porous Stainless Steel Membranes for Hydrogen Production and Process Intensification, Yi Hua (Ed) Ma, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  6. Pilot Water Gas Shift--Membrane Device for Hydrogen from Coal, Thomas Barton, Western Research Institute

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Hydrogen Production and Delivery Posters

  1. Separations
  2. Hydrogen Delivery
  3. Distributed Bio-Derived Liquids Production
  4. Production
  5. Photoelectrochemical
  6. Electrolysis

A. Separations

  1. High-Performance, Durable, Palladium Alloy Membrane for Hydrogen Separation and Purification, Ashok Damle, Pall Corp.
  2. Development of Hydrogen Selective Membranes/Modules as Reactors/Separators for Distributed Hydrogen Production, Paul Liu, Media and Process Technology Inc.

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B. Hydrogen Delivery

  1. Advanced Hydrogen Liquefaction Process, Joe Schwartz, Praxair
  2. A Combined Materials Science/Mechanics Approach to the Study of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steels, Petros Sofronis, University of Illinois
  3. Composite Technology for Hydrogen Pipelines, Barton Smith, ORNL
  4. Innovative Hydrogen Liquefaction Cycle, Vadim Zykin, Gas Equipment Engineering Corp.
  5. Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines, Doug Stalheim, Secat, Inc.
  6. Integrity of Steel Welds in High-Pressure Hydrogen Environment, Wei Zhang, ORNL
  7. Advanced Sealing Technology for Hydrogen Compressors, Hooshang Heshmat, Mohawk Innovative Technology
  8. Rapid Low Loss Cryogenic H2 Refueling, Salvador Aceves, LLNL
  9. Coatings for Centrifugal Compression, George Fenske, ANL
  10. Active Magnetic Regenerative Liquefier, John Barclay, Prometheus Energy
  11. H2A Production Model Updates, Darlene Steward, NREL

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C. Distributed Bio-Derived Liquids Production

  1. Distributed Reforming of Renewable Liquids Using Oxygen Transport Membranes, Balu Balachandran, ANL

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D. Production

  1. Nanotube Array Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production, Rikard Wind, Synkera Technologies Inc.
  2. Unitized Design for Home Refueling Appliance for Hydrogen Generation to 5,000 psi, Timothy Norman, Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC
  3. Hydrogen by Wire - Home Fueling System, Luke Dalton, Proton Energy Systems
  4. Value-Added Hydrogen Generation with CO2 Conversion, Richard Billo, Center for Renewable Energy Science & Technology at Univeristy of Texas, Arlington

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E. Photoelectrochemical

  1. Critical Research for Cost-Effective Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen, Liwei Xu, Midwest Optoelectronics, LLC
  2. PEC Based Hydrogen Production by Using Self-Cleaning Optical Windows, Malay Mazumder, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  3. Photo-electrochemical Hydrogen Generation from Water Using TiSi2-TiO2 Nanotube Core-Shell Structure, Mano Misra, University of Nevada Reno
  4. Solar Thermal Hydrogen Production Using Molten Salt-Catalyst Mixture, Ravi Subramanian, University of Nevada, Reno
  5. USD Catalysis Group for Alternative Energy, James Hoefelmeyer, University of South Dakota
  6. PEC Materials: Theory and Modeling, Yanfa Yan, NREL

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F. Electrolysis

  1. Process Intensification of Hydrogen Unit Operations Using an Electrochemical Device, Glenn Eisman, H2 Pump LLC
  2. Hour-by-Hour Cost Modeling of Optimized Central Wind-Based Water Electrolysis Production, Genevieve Saur, NREL

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