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2017 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Fuel Cells

View presentations and posters from the Fuel Cells session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2017.


Fuel Cells Presentations

  1. Fuel Cell Performance and Durability
  2. MEAs, Cells, and Other Stack Components
  3. Catalysts and Electrodes
  4. Testing and Technical Assessment
  5. Membranes/Electrolytes

A. Fuel Cell Performance and Durability

  1. FC-PAD: Fuel Cell Performance and Durability Consortium, Rod Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  2. FC-PAD: Components and Characterization, Karren More, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  3. FC-PAD: Electrode Layers and Optimization, Adam Weber, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  4. Novel Ionomers and Electrode Structures for Improved PEMFC Electrode Performance at Low PGM Loadings, Andrew Haug, 3M
  5. Durable High-Power Membrane Electrode Assemblies with Low-Pt-Loading, Swami Kumaraguru, General Motors
  6. High-Performance PEFC Electrode Structures, Mike Perry, United Technologies Research Center
  7. Fuel Cell Membrane-Electrode-Assemblies with Ultra-Low Pt Nanofiber Electrodes, Peter Pintauro, Vanderbilt University

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B. MEAs, Cells, and Other Stack Components

  1. Novel Structured Metal Bipolar Plates for Low-Cost Manufacturing, C.H. Wang, TreadStone Technologies, Inc.
  2. Facilitated Direct Liquid Fuel Cells with High-Temperature Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Emory DeCastro, Advent Technologies, Inc.
  3. Advanced Catalysts and MEAs for Reversible Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells, Hui Xu, Giner, Inc.

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C. Catalysts and Electrodes

  1. Development of PGM-Free Catalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in Alkaline Media, Alexey Serov, University of New Mexico
  2. Innovative Non-PGM Catalysts for High-Temperature PEMFCs, Sanjeev Mukerjee, Northeastern University
  3. Tailored High Performance Low-PGM Cathode Catalysts, Vojislav Stamenkovic, Argonne National Laboratory
  4. Platinum Monolayer Electrocatalysts, Radoslav Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  5. Extended Surface Electrocatalyst Development, Bryan Pivovar, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  6. Highly Active, Durable, and Ultra-Low PGM NSTF Thin Film ORR Catalysts and Supports, Andrew Steinbach, 3M
  7. Highly Accessible Catalysts for Durable High-Power Performance, Anu Kongkanand, General Motors
  8. Corrosion-Resistant Non-Carbon Electrocatalyst Supports for PEFCs, Vijay Ramani, Washington University
  9. Regenerative Fuel Cell System (SBIR Phase II), Paul Matter, pH Matter, LLC
  10. ElectroCat (Electrocatalysis Consortium), Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  11. Advanced Electro-Catalysts through Crystallographic Enhancement, Jacob Spendelow, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  12. Vapor Deposition Process for Engineering of Dispersed PEMFC ORR Pt/NbOx/C Catalysts, Jim Waldecker, Ford Motor Co.

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D. Testing and Technical Assessment

  1. Fuel Cell System Modeling and Analysis, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory
  2. Neutron Imaging Study of the Water Transport in Operating Fuel Cells, David Jacobson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  3. Fuel Cell Technology Status: Degradation, Jennifer Kurtz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Fuel Cell Systems Analysis, Brian James, Strategic Analysis, Inc.

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E. Membranes/Electrolytes

  1. New Fuel Cell Membranes with Improved Durability and Performance, Michael Yandrasits, 3M
  2. Advanced Hybrid Membranes for Next Generation PEMFC Automotive Applications, Andrew Herring, Colorado School of Mines
  3. Smart Matrix Development for Direct Carbonate Fuel Cell, Chao-yi Yuh, FuelCell Energy
  4. Ionomer Dispersion Impact on PEM Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Durability, Hui Xu, Giner, Inc.
  5. Highly Stable Anion-Exchange Membranes for High-Voltage Redox-Flow Batteries, Yushan Yan, University of Delaware
  6. Advanced Materials for Fully Integrated MEAs in AEMFCs, Yu Seung Kim, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  7. Advanced Ionomers and MEAs for Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells, Bryan Pivovar, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  8. New High-Performance Water Vapor Membranes to Improve Fuel Cell Balance of Plant Efficiency and Lower Costs, Earl Wagener, Tetramer Technologies, LLC

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Fuel Cells Posters

  1. MEAs, Cells, and Other Stack Components
  2. Catalysts and Electrodes
  3. Testing and Technical Assessment

A. MEAs, Cells, and Other Stack Components

  1. Affordable, High-Performance, Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Bryan Blackburn, Redox Power Systems

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B. Catalysts and Electrodes

  1. Development of Corrosion Resistant Carbon Support for Ultra-low PGM Catalysts, Prabhu Ganesan, Greenway Energy, LLC
  2. Mesoporous Non-Carbon Catalyst Supports of PEMFC, Jacob Coppage-Gross, CertainTech, Inc.
  3. Development of Durable Active Supports for Low-Platinum Group Metal Catalysts, Barr Halevi, Pajarito Powder
  4. Multi-Functional Catalyst Support (SBIR Phase I), Minette Ocampo, pH Matter, LLC
  5. Highly Robust Low-PGM MEAs Based upon Composite Supports, Arrelaine Dameron, Forge Nano

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C. Testing and Technical Assessment

  1. Technical Assistance to Developers, Tommy Rockward, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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