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2008 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Fuel Cells

These presentations and posters from the Hydrogen Fuel Cells session at the Annual Merit Review in June 2008 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Fuel Cells Presentations

  1. Analysis/Characterization
  2. Catalysts
  3. Distributed Energy
  4. Membranes
  5. Bipolar Plates
  6. Impurities
  7. Water Transport
  8. Water Management
  9. Balance of Plant
  10. Auxiliary Power
  11. Innovative Concepts
  12. Portable Power
  13. Cross–Cutting

Fuel Cells Sub–Program Overview, Nancy Garland, U.S. Department of Energy

A. Analysis/Characterization

  1. Fuel Cell Systems Analysis, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory
  2. Mass Production Cost Estimation for Direct H2 PEM Fuel Cell System for Automotive Applications, Brian James, DTI
  3. Direct Hydrogen PEMFC Manufacturing Cost Estimation for Automotive Applications, Jayanti Sinha, TIAX LLC
  4. Microstructural Characterization of PEM Fuel Cell MEAs, Karren More, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  5. Applied Science for Electrode Cost, Performance, and Durability, Christina Johnston, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  6. Neutron Imaging Study of the Water Transport in Operating Fuel Cells, David Jacobson, NIST
  7. Detection of Trace Platinum Group Metal Element Particulates with Laser Spectroscopy, Stuart Snyder, Montana State University

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B. Catalysts

  1. Advanced Cathode Catalysts and Supports for PEM Fuel Cells, Mark Debe, 3M Company
  2. Non–Platinum Bimetallic Cathode Electrocatalysts, Debbie Myers, Argonne National Laboratory
  3. Advanced Cathode Catalysts, Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  4. Development of Alternative and Durable High Performance Cathode Supports for PEM Fuel Cells, Vilayanur Viswanathan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  5. Highly Dispersed Alloy Cathode Catalyst for Durability, Sathya Motupally, UTC Fuel Cells

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C. Distributed Energy

  1. Low–cost Co–production of Hydrogen and Electricity, Fred Mitlitsky, Bloom Energy Corp.
  2. Development and Demonstration of a New-generation High Efficiency 1–10 kW Stationary PEM Fuel Cell System, Durai Swamy, Intelligent Energy
  3. International Stationary Fuel Cell Demonstration, John Vogel, Plug Power Inc.
  4. Intergovernmental Stationary Fuel Cell System Demonstration, Rhonda Staudt, Plug Power Inc.
  5. Stationary PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant Verification, Eric Strayer, UTC Power

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D. Membranes

  1. Improved, Low–Cost, Durable Fuel Cell Membranes, James Goldbach, Arkema
  2. Membranes and MEA's for Dry, Hot Operating Conditions, Steven Hamrock, Fuel Cell Components
  3. New Polyelectrolyte Materials for High Temperature Fuel Cells, John Kerr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  4. Lead Research and Development Activity for DOE’s High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Membrane Program, James Fenton, U of Central Florida
  5. Advanced Materials for Proton Exchange Membranes, James McGrath, Virginia Tech
  6. Protic Salt Polymer Membranes: High–Temperature Water–Free Proton–Conducting Membranes, Dominic Gervasio, Arizona State
  7. Fluoroalkyl–phosphonic–acid–based Proton Conductors, Stephen Creager, Clemson University
  8. Rigid Rod Polyelectrolytes: Effect on Physical Properties Frozen–in Free Volume: High Conductivity at low RH, Morton Litt, Case Western Reserve University
  9. NanoCapillary Network Proton Conducting Membranes for High Temperature Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells, Peter Pintauro, Case Western Reserve University
  10. Novel Approaches to Immobilized Heteropoly Acid (HPA) Systems for High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Polymer–Type Membranes, Andrew Herring, Colorado School of Mines
  11. New Proton Conductive Composite Materials with Co–continuous Phases Using Functionalized and Crosslinkable VDF/CTFE Fluoropolymers, Serguei Lvov, Penn State University
  12. High Temperature Membrane with Humidification–Independent Cluster Structure, Ludwig Lipp, FuelCell Energy, Inc.
  13. Dimensionally Stable Membranes, Cortney Mittelsteadt, Giner Electrochemical Systems
  14. Poly(cyclohexadiene)–Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications, Jimmy Mays, U of Tennessee
  15. PEM Fuel Cell Durability, Rod Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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E. Bipolar Plates

  1. Nitrided Metallic Bipolar Plates, Peter Tortorelli, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  2. Next Generation Bipolar Plates for Automotive PEM Fuel Cells, Orest L. Adrianowycz, GrafTech International, Ltd.

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F. Impurities

  1. Effects of Impurities on Fuel Cell Performance and Durability, James Goodwin, Clemson University
  2. Effects of Fuel and Air Impurities on PEM Fuel Cell Performance, Fernando Garzon, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  3. The Effects of Impurities on Fuel Cell Performance and Durability, Trent Molter, University of CT

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G. Water Transport

  1. Visualization of Fuel Cell Water Transport and Performance Characterization Under Freezing Conditions, Satish Kandlikar, Rochester Institute of Technology
  2. Water Transport in PEM Fuel Cells: Advanced Modeling, Material Selection, Testing, and Design Optimization, Vernon Cole, CFD Research Corp
  3. Water Transport Exploratory Studies, Rod Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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H. Water Management

  1. Subfreezing Start/Stop Protocol for an Advanced Metallic Open–Flowfield Fuel Cell Stack, James Cross, Nuvera Fuel Cells Inc.
  2. Low–Cost Manufacturable Microchannel Systems for Passive PEM Water Management, Ward TeGrotenhuis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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I. Balance of Plant

  1. Development of Thermal and Water Management System for PEM Fuel Cells, Zia Mirza, Honeywell

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J. Auxiliary Power

  1. Diesel Fueled SOFC System for Class 7/Class 8 On-Highway Truck Auxiliary Power, Dan Norrick, Cummins Power Generation
  2. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Development for Auxiliary Power in Heavy Duty Vehicle Applications, Gary D. Blake, Delphi

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K. Innovative Concepts

  1. Novel PEMFC Stack Using Patterned Aligned Carbon Nanotubes as Electrodes in MEA, Di–Jia Liu, Argonne National Laboratory

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L. Portable Power

  1. DMFC Prototype Demonstration for Consumer Electronic Applications, Chuck Carlstrom, MTI Micro Fuel Cells Inc.
  2. DMFC Power Supply for All–Day True–Wireless Mobile Computing, Brian Wells, Polyfuel Inc.

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M. Cross–Cutting

  1. Fuel Cell Research at the University of South Carolina, John Van Zee, U of S. Carolina

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Fuel Cells Posters

  1. Innovative Concepts
  2. Recycling
  3. Analysis⁄Characterization
  4. Integration
  5. Balance of Plant
  6. Special Applications
  7. Distributed Energy
  8. Membranes
  9. Catalysts

A. Innovative Concepts

  1. Light–weight, Low Cost PEM Fuel Cell Stacks, Jesse Wainright, Case Western Reserve University

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B. Recycling

  1. Platinum Group Metal Recycling Technology Development, Larry Shore, BASF Catalysts LLC
  2. Platinum Recycling Technology Development, Stephen Grot, Ion Power, Inc.

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C. Analysis⁄Characterization

  1. Component Benchmarking Subtask Reported: USFCC Durability Protocols and Technically–assisted Industrial and University Partners, Tommy Rockward, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  2. Fuel Cell Testing at the Argonne Fuel Cell Test Facility, Ira Bloom, Argonne National Laboratory
  3. Market Opportunity Assessment of Direct Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cells in Federal and Portable Markets, Kathya Mahadevan, Battelle

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D. Integration

  1. Low Cost, Durable Seals For PEM Fuel Cells, Jason Parsons, UTC Power Corp.

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E. Balance of Plant

  1. Cost and Performance Enhancements for a PEM Fuel Cell Turbocompressor, Mark Gee, Honeywell

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F. Special Applications

  1. Research & Development for Off–Road Fuel Cell Applications, Richard Lawrance, Idatech

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G. Distributed Energy

  1. Cost–Effective High Performance Advanced Reforming Module (CHARM), Michael Leshchiner, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc

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H. Membranes

  1. Characterization of PEMFC Membrane Durability, Kenneth Mauritz, U of So. Mississippi
  2. Microstructural Design and Development of High Performance Polymer Electrolyte Membranes, Joe Mauser, Chemsultants International
  3. Dimensionally Stable High Performance Membrane, Han Lui, Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC
  4. Development of Novel PEM Membrane and Multiphase CFD Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell, Joel Berry, Kettering University

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I. Catalysts

  1. Novel Non–Precious Metals for PEMFC: Catalyst Selection through Molecular Modeling and Durability Studies, Branko Popov, University of South Carolina

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