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2006 Annual Merit Review Proceedings

Hydrogen Production and Delivery

These presentations and posters from the hydrogen production and delivery session at the Annual Merit Review May 16-19, 2006 are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Hydrogen Production and Delivery Presentations

  1. Distributed Production
  2. Photoelectrochemical Production
  3. Electrolysis
  4. Nuclear Energy Initiative
  5. Hi-Temp Thermochemical
  6. Hydrogen Delivery
  7. Hydrogen from Coal

Hydrogen Production R&D Sub-Program Overview (PDF 353 KB), Patrick Davis, DOE

A. Distributed Production

  1. Low-Cost Hydrogen Distributed Production Systems (PDF 383 KB), Sandy Thomas, H2Gen Innovations, Inc.
  2. Integrated Hydrogen Production, Purification and Compression System (PDF 433 KB), Satish Tamhankar, BOC Group, Inc.
  3. Integrated Short Contact Time Hydrogen Generator (SCPO) (PDF 897 KB), Ke Liu, GE Global Research Center
  4. Hydrogen Generation from Biomass-Derived Carbohydrates via Aqueous-Phase Reforming Process (PDF 806 KB), Randy Cortright, Virent Energy Systems, Inc.
  5. Distributed Bio-Oil Reforming (PDF 713 KB), Bob Evans, NREL

B. Photoelectrochemical Production

  1. Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production: UNLV-SHGR Program Subtask (PDF 1.0 MB), Eric Miller, University of Hawaii

C. Electrolysis

  1. Renewable Electrolysis Integrated System Development and Testing (PDF 801 KB), Ben Kroposki, NREL
  2. Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis (PDF 1.1 MB), Richard Bourgeois, GE Global Research Center
  3. Alkaline Electrolysis (PDF 340 KB), Samir Ibrahim, Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc.

D. Nuclear Energy Initiative

  1. Sulfur-Iodine Thermochemical Cycle (PDF 987 KB), Paul Pickard, SNL/INL/GA
  2. Evaluation of a Continuous Calcium-Bromine Thermochemical Cycle (PDF 1.4 MB), Richard Doctor, ANL
  3. Laboratory-Scale High Temperature Electrolysis System (PDF 1.4 MB), Steve Herring, INL/ANL/Cerametec
  4. Nuclear Reactor/Hydrogen Process Interface (PDF 625 KB), Steve Sherman, INL

E. Hi-Temp Thermochemical

  1. Development of Solar-Powered Thermochemical Production of Hydrogen from Water (PDF 1.2 MB), Alan Weimer, University of Colorado

F. Hydrogen Delivery

  1. Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Options Analysis (PDF 756 KB), Bruce Kelly, Nexant Inc.

G. Hydrogen from Coal

  1. Scale-up of Microporous Inorganic Hydrogen-Separation Membranes (PDF 931 KB), Rod Judkins, ORNL
  2. Scale-up of Hydrogen Transport Membranes for IGCC and FutureGen Plants (PDF 818 KB), Paul Grimmer, Eltron Research Inc.
  3. Cost-Effective Method for Producing Self-Supporting Pd Alloy Membrane for Use in the Efficient Production of Coal-Derived Hydrogen (PDF 722 KB), James Arps, SwRO

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Hydrogen Production and Delivery Posters

  1. Distributed Production
  2. Separations
  3. Biomass Reforming
  4. Biological Production
  5. Photoelectrochemical
  6. Electrolysis
  7. Nuclear Energy Initiative
  8. Hi-Temp Thermochemical
  9. Hydrogen Delivery
  10. Cross-Cutting
  11. Production
  12. Compressed/Liquid
  13. Hydrogen from Coal

A. Distributed Production

  1. Autothermal Cyclic Reforming Based Hydrogen Generating System (PDF 618 KB), Ke Liu, GE Global Research Center
  2. Low Cost Hydrogen Production Platform (PDF 853 KB), Tim Aaron, Praxair, Inc.
  3. Investigation of Bio-Ethanol Steam Reforming over Cobalt Based Catalysts (PDF 2.9 MB), Umit Ozkan, Ohio State University

B. Separations

  1. Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Water-Gas-Shift Reaction for Hydrogen Production (PDF 1.9 MB), Jerry Y. S. Lin, University of Cincinnati
  2. Carbon Molecular Sieve Membrane as Reactor for Water Gas Shift Reaction (PDF 450 KB), Paul KT Liu, Media and Process Technology, Inc.
  3. High-Performance, Durable, Palladium-Alloy Membrane for Hydrogen Separation and Purification (PDF 346 KB), Scott Hopkins, Pall Corporation

C. Biomass Reforming

  1. Startech Hydrogen Production (PDF 886 KB), David Lynch, Startech Environmental Corp.

D. Biological Production

  1. Biological Systems for Hydrogen Photoproduction (PDF 836 KB), Maria Ghiradi, NREL
  2. Maximizing Light Utilization Efficiency and Hydrogen Production in Microalgal Cultures (PDF 375 KB), Tasios Melis, UC Berkeley

E. Photoelectrochemical

  1. Critical Research for Cost-Effective Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen (PDF 1.1 MB), Liwei Xu, Midwest Optoelectronics LLC
  2. Combinatorial Development of Water Splitting Catalysts Based on the Oxygen Evolving Complex of Photosystem II (PDF 1.7 MB), Neal Woodbury, Arizona State University
  3. Photoelectrochemical Water Systems for H2 Production (PDF 1.7 MB), John Turner, NREL
  4. Production of Hydrogen for Clean and Renewable Sources of Energy for Fuel Cell Vehicles (PDF 2.2 MB), Xunming Deng, University of Toledo

F. Electrolysis

  1. Low-Cost, High-Pressure Hydrogen Generator (PDF 629 KB), Cecelia Cropley, Giner Electrochemical Systems, Inc.
  2. EVermont Renewable Hydrogen Fueling System (PDF 416 KB), Nick Borland, Northern Power Systems
  3. A Reversible Planar Solid Oxide Fuel-Fed Electrolysis Cell and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Hydrogen and Electricity Production Operating on Natural Gas/Biogas (PDF 1.2 MB), Greg Tao, Materials and Systems Research Inc.
  4. High Performance Flexible Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PDF 508 KB), Nguyen Minh, GE Global Research Center

G. Nuclear Energy Initiative

  1. Evaluation of Alternative Thermochemical Cycles (PDF 853 KB), Michele Lewis, ANL
  2. UNLV Research Foundation High Temperature Heat Exchanger Development (PDF 2.1 MB), Tony Hechanova, UNLV
  3. Membrane Applications for Nuclear Hydrogen Production Processes (PDF 2.1 MB), Brian Bischoff, ORNL
  4. Materials for Nuclear Hydrogen Production Processes: Planning & Coordinating Task (PDF 1.1 MB), Dane Wilson, ORNL
  5. Hybrid Sulfur Thermochemical Process Development (PDF 559 KB), Bill Summers, SRNL

H. Hi-Temp Thermochemical

  1. Fundamentals of a Solar-Thermal Mn2O3/MnO Thermochemical Cycle to Split Water (PDF 332 KB), Alan Weimer, University of Colorado

I. Hydrogen Delivery

  1. Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines (PDF 1.1 MB), Subodh K. Das, Secat Inc.
  2. Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steels: Causes and Remediation (PDF 863 KB), Petros Sofronis, University of Illinois
  3. Hydrogen Regional Infrastructure Program in Pennsylvania (PDF 873 KB), Linda Eslin, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

J. Cross-Cutting

  1. Developing Improved Materials to Support the Hydrogen Economy (PDF 971 KB), Michael Martin, Edison Materials Technology Center

K. Production

  1. Adapting Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Distributed Power Generation (PDF 776 KB), Andres Marquez, Ohio University
  2. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Carbon Sequestration (PDF 1.8 MB), Daniel Graves, Acumentrics Corporation/Nisource Energy Technologies
  3. Production, Fuel Cell, and Delivery Research (PDF 1.4 MB), Yogi Goswami, University of South Florida

L. Compressed/Liquid

  1. Forecourt Storage and Compression Options (PDF 1.2 MB), William Liss, GTI

M. Hydrogen from Coal

  1. Advanced Water Gas Shift Membrane Reactor (PDF 2.0 MB), Thomas Vanderspurt, United Technologies Corporation
  2. Robust Low-Cost Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactor for High-Purity Hydrogen Production from Coal-Derived Syngas (PDF 604 KB), Zhijiang Li, Aspen Products Group, Inc.
  3. Production and Storage of Hydrogen Using C1 Chemistry (PDF 1.5 MB), Gerald Hufman, University of Kentucky CFFS

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